Never tire of a classic Cardigan with palm Flower petals (with woven illustration)

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The pattern of palm flower woven scarf, sweater, this flower, never tired of seeing!I saw this cardigan palm flower on the Internet, and was deeply attracted by the petal edge. I learned it while watching the teaching video. Fortunately, it is not difficult because it has a foundation.Thread: Duo Duo Silk mohair one strand plus Duo Duo bright silk wool one strand needle: Side 3:0 color wood needle, Main body 4:0 color wood needle Show: Weaving instructions: 4 groups of flowers in the back piece, two side stitches on each side.34 * 4 + 2 + 2 = 140 needles.Take up 140 stitches, first inject two lines of empty heart needle, then inject 24 lines of up and down needle, start to arrange flowers, after the back piece of main body needle five groups of flowers on both sides of the oblique shoulder, 2-7-6 times, 2-6-1 times, collar socket 44 stitches, when the oblique shoulder is collected for the fifth time, start to collect back collar socket, 2-2-1 times, 2-1-1 times, front piece of 2 groups of flowers, add 2 stitches on both sides.34 * 2 + 2 + 2 = 72 needles.Start with two rows of empty needles, followed by 24 rows of up and down needles to arrange the flowers.The front pieces were collected after flower and received before, 2-1-23 times and 4-1-1 times.Five groups of oblique shoulder after flowering, 2-7-6 times, 2-6-1 times petal edge 28 stitches a group, 28*13=364+1=365 stitches.I look at the video picture figure, a circle knitted and woven, leave a data for themselves, pay attention to, the cardigan petal edge the first set of flowers to remove narrowing, and finally a set of 11 needle spacing is, the other is the interval of 12 needle line (start) sleeve bottom up 54, hit two limits first heart needle, needle up and down, and then after 20 rows added to the 72 sleeves I through a lazy, round,Embroider on both sides of 10-2-9 add needle, after the end of 4 groups of flowers, both sides start to collect needle, 2-5-6 times, after the end of the rest of the needle flat.Stitched sleeves, am, petal edge, the end, the author | fingertips yarn fly Yang