“Interpretation” net profit growth of more than three times!Penghui energy rely on what in lithium market outstanding encirclement?

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Penghui Energy on January 28, the evening of the announcement of results, is expected to 2021 attributable to the shareholders of the listed company net profit of 220 million yuan – 260 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 313.51%-388.69%;Net profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses increased by more than 44-55 times compared with the same period last year.As for the outstanding performance, Penghui Energy said that in 2021, the company will continue to strengthen the development of energy storage market, energy storage battery business revenue increased significantly, consumer battery business maintained a steady growth, automotive power battery business revenue also increased significantly.In addition, in terms of net profit, the impact of non-recurring gains and losses on net profit in 2021 is estimated to be about 46.1453 million yuan, among which, the debt restructuring proceeds realized through the debt-to-equity conversion of receivables are about 20.1808 million yuan.Industry “small ningde” great energy in the middle reaches of the battery industry chain, the main business for the lithium ion battery, a battery (lithium iron batteries, lithium manganese battery, etc.), nickel metal hydride battery research and development, production and sales, the upstream industry as the positive and negative, diaphragm, electrolyte, etc. Raw material suppliers, and battery production equipment suppliers,The main downstream applications are consumer digital, new energy vehicles, light power and energy storage.The company is known as the industry “small Ningde” said, from the title can also see the company’s business and “Ning King” more similar, with the power battery industry enterprises.The main products of Penghui Energy are divided into lithium cobalt acid series products, lithium iron phosphate series products, ternary materials and multiple lithium composite materials series products according to the cathode materials, and the product forms are rich, including cylindrical, square and flexible package series products.That is to say, Penghui energy’s products are closer to the downstream consumer electronics field. The products are small enough to be applied to power banks, drones, e-cigarettes, TWS earphones, ETC., as well as computers and smart wearables.Consumer battery applications are wide, involving all aspects of life, although some varieties of market in recent years present certain saturation, but the rapid development of consumer digital product technology, product iteration fast, every year all kinds of products hot sale to create new opportunities for the industry.From the perspective of industry cycle, different digital battery products are in different cycles. Consumer products with a long history, such as batteries for mobile phones and notebook computers, are in mature and stable development.And new consumer products such as TWS headphones, AR glasses and other batteries will usher in a rapid growth period.In the future, with the deepening and popularization of 5G network, the widespread penetration of mobile Internet technology and the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, the trend of intelligent, cordless and networked consumer digital products will be further accelerated. New consumer digital products will emerge in an endless stream, and the supporting consumer digital battery industry will also gain a broader market prospect.Looking from the market position, the company in the field of consumer lithium electricity subsoil nearly 20 years, accumulated a profound technology accumulation, its powerful ability of flexible manufacturing industry is one of the most complete enterprise consumer battery varieties, in tablets, mobile power supply, wireless headsets, bluetooth speakers, electronic cigarettes, personal care products, and many other niche in the industry leading level,To provide products to major customers in the industry.Consumer battery is one of the initial application fields of large-scale commercialization of lithium battery technology. There are many market participants and the market competition is full and fierce.New energy vehicles and energy storage, the two emerging tracks for Penghui Energy bring a broader space for development.New energy vehicles become new growth poles in the new energy vehicle industry, penghui Energy also has mature products, its lithium products in the field of new energy vehicles, including passenger cars, electric motorcycles, become the company’s new growth poles.New energy vehicle power battery New energy vehicle industry is a strategic emerging industry firmly supported by the state. It has developed rapidly in recent years. The guidance of carbon emission policy (double integral policy), financial subsidy policy and other policy support are important driving factors for the growth of the industry.Company in the field of new energy vehicles power battery, electrochemical aspects in nearly 20 years of technical accumulation, have more than one technical route of technical reserves, such as in the anode material, grasps three yuan, multivariate composite lithium materials, a variety of technologies, such as lithium iron phosphate material, from the aspects of shape of batteries have cylindrical, square, soft package at the same time power batteries production technology.The company has successfully developed 6C quick-charge battery products, ultra-long endurance soft pack power battery, 48V lithium iron phosphate system start-stop battery and other products, which have technical advantages in their respective segments.At present, the company has cooperated with SAIC-GM-Wuling, Wuling Industry, Chery Automobile, Changan Automobile and other large car enterprises. The battery products are supporting hongguang MINI EV multiple versions of models, and baojun E300P, Wuling Rongguang N300L and other popular models.From the disclosed performance, the company’s automotive power battery business in the first half of 2021 increased significantly compared with the same period last year.In addition, the company’s light power battery business has more than doubled year-on-year growth.In the field of motorcycle business, in addition to continuing to cooperate with big customers such as Tower Electric Exchange and Naenbo, Penghui Energy also started strategic cooperation with Emma Technology.In terms of power tools, the company has also obtained a large number of orders from TTI, the leading international power tools company.Although Penghui Energy cannot compare with ningde Times, BYD and Yiwei Lithium-energy battery giants in terms of scale, it does not hinder the development of the company in the field of new energy vehicles. The company can survive in the market full of giants, which also confirms that the company’s products are gaining market recognition.Energy storage is another sunrise track that keeps pace with new energy vehicles. Although its development is relatively late, its downstream application is very important, which is related to the use efficiency of clean energy, and has become the focus of development since 2021.Due to the demand factors such as 4G base station backup power lead-acid to lithium power, 5G base station construction, overseas home energy storage, photovoltaic power station construction and so on, the energy storage lithium battery industry has developed rapidly in recent years.From the existing lithium, hydrogen and other types of energy storage products, lithium energy storage is relatively mature, providing opportunities for lithium enterprises to seize the market.In terms of the competition pattern of energy storage industry, a large number of lithium battery manufacturers have emerged in the energy storage market, and market participants are facing multi-dimensional competition from both traditional lead-acid battery manufacturers and lithium battery manufacturers. However, due to the improvement of cost performance of lithium batteries, the penetration rate of lithium batteries will be higher and higher.In the field of energy storage lithium ion battery, Penghui Energy has a complete energy storage product line, covering energy storage cell, communication base station battery standard module, portable energy storage box, home energy storage all-in-one machine, large energy storage (including battery cluster, energy storage cabinet, container energy storage system) and many other products.Since 2021, with the development of the industry, the energy storage business of the company has achieved a major breakthrough.In the field of home energy storage, the company has won a large number of home storage business orders in Europe and Australia, customers such as WECO, Guriwatt, etc.In the field of portable energy storage, we obtained large quantities of orders from zhenghao Technology Ecoflow and other major customers;In the field of large-scale energy storage, we have obtained large quantities of orders from Sunshine Power Supply, China Southern Power Grid, Trina Solar Energy, etc.From the perspective of the recent development strategy, Penghui Energy will focus on energy storage business.According to Orient Securities, the company’s total production capacity is expected to reach 16.3GWh by the end of 2021, of which energy storage battery 5.6GWh, energy storage battery is the company’s main expansion direction.At the same time, the production capacity of energy storage batteries in Changzhou plant jointly built by the company and Trina Solar is planned to be 11GWh, and the planned production capacity of the manufacturing base in Liuzhou, Guangxi is planned to be 20GWh.One piece of good news is that in January 2022, Penghui Energy liuzhou Intelligent energy storage and power battery manufacturing Base project with an investment of more than 6 billion yuan has been officially laid the foundation, adding more chips to the company’s energy storage and power lithium battery project.