In Guangdong province, a man opened an online store to sell complete poppy shells with seeds and sold a total of 22 kilograms

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Guangdong man in his own operation of a treasure shop, shelves the sale of complete poppy shell link, someone placed an order, contact the previous delivery, cumulative sales of 22 kilograms.On February 19, 2022, the Zhaoyuan People’s Procuratorate publicized the details of the case in accordance with the law.Chen Mou, male, born in 1988, Han nationality, college education, work, birthplace of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.Chen is selling complete poppy shells with seeds in a treasure shop he runs.He will buy the buyer to buy varieties, quantity, receiving information, sent xu mou, xu mou contact Wang mou, through express delivery to the buyer, Chen mou profit from the difference.Classics investigation, Chen mou passes this some treasure shop, sell complete poppy shell 21 kilograms.In addition, Chen added a customer named Zhuang to his wechat account and sold 1,000 grams of poppy shells to him twice for 300 yuan.After investigation, it was determined that Chen sold 22 kilograms of complete poppy shells.The ratio of the poppy shell to the seed in one kilogram of intact poppy shell is about one to one.So Chen sold about 11 kilograms of poppy shells.The prosecution thinks, Chen mou sells the drug poppy shell to others, the circumstance is serious, the criminal fact is clear, the evidence is true, sufficient, ought to pursue its criminal responsibility with trafficking drug crime.Chen mou truthfully confesses its main criminal facts, confesses punishment, can be dealt with leniently according to law, suggest sentencing Chen mou fixed – term imprisonment for four years, fine.The case was heard in zhaoyuan People’s Court.