Depression may reduce the risk of heart disease, according to new international research

2022-07-11 0 By

China News Network Beijing On February 15 (reporter Sun Zifa)Springer, natural, professional academic journal nature – cardiovascular research published a health research paper found that regardless of the lifestyle risk factors and genetic susceptibility, low frequency of depression associated with lower risks of heart disease, lower frequency of attacks and a 34% lower risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) of depression, Ⅱ about a 33% lower risk of type two diabetes.The prevalence of unrecognized depression among people with heart disease has been known for more than 40 years, the paper said.But it is not clear whether depression contributes to the development of heart disease or whether it is primarily secondary to clinical disease.For this reason, corresponding author Pradeep Natarajan of Massachusetts General Hospital and colleagues examined the genomes of 328,152 individuals (aged 40-69) of European ancestry from the UK Biobank.They used the data to generate a polygenic risk score — a specialized tool that can be used to improve prediction of heart disease risk.They found that a lower burden of depression was associated with a 34 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease, 33 percent lower risk of type 2 diabetes, and a 20 percent lower risk of atrial fibrillation.These associations were independent of lifestyle factors known to be associated with both poor mental health and cardiovascular disease risk, such as diet, exercise and smoking.In addition, the correlation between depression and coronary heart disease was higher in women than in men.The latest study expands understanding of the potential role of depression in promoting cardiovascular disease.But the authors conclude that further research is needed to determine the mechanisms behind this association and the potential implications for preventive therapy.(Source: