The “new standard” of funeral expenses and pension for retired employees has been introduced.

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In today’s era of adequate social welfare, many people will hope that the company can help pay the social security when choosing a job.Social security is a little bit of social security for people who can be self-sufficient if they don’t have anyone to take care of them.A lot of young people know this, that is, the social security they pay now is actually supporting the old people now, when the future people pay social security is the time to support themselves.So actually a lot of young people think more avant-garde, do not want to pay, or worry that he can not live to earn back when, that is not for nothing pay.In fact, this point is the most need not worry about, because at present our country introduced a new regulation, is about the funeral expenses and pension standards have changed, so where is the difference?Bring about pension preferential treatment standards change now few people actually don’t pay social security, many people know that under the current social security benefits, the system in more and more perfect, for retirement is also more and more people to yearn for, even after the retirement, unfortunately died, countries will issue a sum of money to these people, in order to prove that we didn’t waste of social security.There are new standards for funeral expenses and pension fees in China. Although different regions may have different methods of calculation and receive different amounts of money, the amount is the same.Everyone will experience death, this is a very normal phenomenon, a lot of people to the old or to the death of the moment before actually all figured it out, but still in memory of their side of the people.As for financial issues, the state will now help you to unify the arrangements, every person who dies will receive a funeral fee, the new standard has been changed to the employee’s monthly per capita disposable income of the previous year in the year of death to pay twice.Per capita disposable income in a region is fixed and varies from region to region.Bring about pension according to Beijing, for example, in 2020, the disposable income is 75602 yuan, Beijing is about 6300 yuan per month, according to the latest figures, the funeral expenses becomes a 12600 yuan, compared with before, or have a larger gap, such a calculation is very scientific.Many people in Beijing can confirm this statistic if they have experienced this kind of thing around them.▲ Funeral new adjustment in addition to the pension is also a new adjustment, was originally linked to the average wage, and now become linked to the social security payment of the number of years, that is, and the pension is the same, as long as it is paid for a longer time, then the bonus is more, in specific terms,And it is better than a pension in that there is no minimum age for contributions, even if they are only five years old, they can still receive a subsidy.This subsidy also has the step, according to the time that pays is 3 months of compensation minimum, cannot exceed 24 months of compensation maximum.After doing this calculation, it’s obviously a lot fairer, and probably a lot of people are relieved that the family won’t be poorer because of their death.Bring about social security card summary after the pension changes again, funeral expenses and therefore people get a lot of ascension, each region of the people are aware of the importance of their pay social security, so still have to actively pay social security, at least let his own death can also be gained, also reflects the state of ordinary people thoughtful comprehensive consideration and care.