Report card released!Nanchang, the province first!

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Good news!In 2021, the performance evaluation of high-quality farmers’ education and training work in Nanchang has been fully affirmed by the provincial office and evaluation experts.According to the agriculture NongCunBu deployment, province agriculture and rural areas hall organize experts recently implemented a 2021 year entire province farmer education and training high quality job performance evaluation, nanchang high-quality farmers education training work from the investment decision-making, process management, service development, performance results and bold innovation, vigorously promotes the implementation, the successful completion of the project annual target tasks, won the first in the province.In 2021, According to the actual demand for talents for rural revitalization, Nanchang will promote the education and training of high-quality farmers to improve the quality and efficiency. According to the idea of “leading the primary level, focusing on the local level to lead the lower level”, nanchang will steadily promote the education and training of high-quality farmers at different levels in the whole city.A total of 946 high-quality farmers were selected to participate in the training at provincial, city and county levels, including 146 provincial-level agricultural managers and provincial-level trade classes, 200 provincial-level managers and professional producers, and 600 at county level.After investigation touch bottom, making scheme, the selection mechanism and cultivating objects such as the preparation, around the vegetable basket project, nanchang and other agriculture and rural development needs, in 2021 the city opened its economy crop planting technology, rural home stay facility operation, business innovation and agricultural machinery maintenance and repair, and other key project courses,In the training, green development concept courses such as agricultural gm safety production knowledge and comprehensive utilization of crop straw were set up.Joined the party history study education and related agricultural policy preaching, so that trainees not only improve their skills, but also on the policy theory level to a new level.Source: Nanchang Sannong release, Nanchang News editor: Cao Ying