Famous comedian He Jingjing went to the countryside to perform!With a thick neck and a fat body, flowers and cannons

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Recently, a netizen posted a video on the social platform, with the caption: “The first beauty of Hunan driving in”.Among them, for a long time did not go on the big screen he Jingjing commercial performance of the segment, triggered a hot discussion online.In the video, He jingjing stands on the stage of the commercial performance, and she looks cute with two pigtails tied on her head.She wore a rose-colored top with a floral dress, black slacks and rose-colored sneakers to make her look casual.He Jingjing’s figure is a little happy fat, but her skin is fair, ruddy condition is very good.Holding the microphone, He jingjing stood on the stage and sang with a very serious expression. From time to time, she reached out her hand to interact with the audience, who raised their hands and waved back to her excitedly.The atmosphere was joyous.When Singing, He jingjing’s expression of enjoyment, it seems that she is very fond of the stage.Ho Jingjing in the commercial performance place, after she got off, the scene background also sounded very loud firecrackers, is very lively.It was interesting that someone gave Her a bouquet of flowers, and She accepted the flowers with a look of excitement.Net users see for a long time did not appear he Jingjing is very surprised, have commented: “I haven’t seen it on TV for a long time, when it was very red, it was quite fierce”, and praised her: “Three Hunan first beauty He Jingjing”.It is worth mentioning that some audiences revealed that the price of He jingjing’s commercial performances now only needs 30,000 yuan, sometimes even 5,000 to 10,000 yuan.As a well-known local comedian in Hunan, the price can be said to be very cheap.Recently, some Internet users posted photos of their encounter with He jingjing, in which he, with her trademark pigtail, gives a thumbs-up sign to a passer-by.Speaking of He Jingjing, perhaps most of the audience do not know her. She once appeared on the CCTV stage with her partner and won the title of “The Most beautiful woman in Hunan province”. She left a deep impression on the audience with her self-deprecating figure and unique laugh.In her early days, she became famous for imitating Song Dandan in the show Lucky 3721. After gaining some fame in the sketch circuit, she also moved to the film industry, shooting TV series such as Girl Rush and Visitors from Sui Dynasty with the stars in the circle.Although she brought laughter to the audience, she was diagnosed with depression in 2011 and her comedy career was cut short.Now she has been injured for a long time to come back again, but its heat has declined significantly.Aside from making money by making fun of herself, Ho’s love for the stage is obvious.People may dispute her appearance, but despite ups and downs, Ho Jingjing still retains her original love of comedy.