District leaders on New Year’s Eve to visit front-line cadres and workers, check the city’s security work

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January 31st, New Year’s Eve.On this day of ringing out the old year and ushering in the New Year, there are still many people sticking to their posts to protect the safety of the city, maintain the operation of the city, and ensure that the people have a healthy, safe, happy and peaceful holiday.In the evening, Guo Fang, secretary of the District Party Committee, Hu Guangjie, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and District Head respectively went to the grassroots to inspect the city’s security work, and cordially visited the staff, grass-roots staff and community volunteers who stayed in Shanghai with their best efforts and stick to their posts. They also extended holiday greetings and New Year’s greetings to them on behalf of the four groups in the district.Guo Fang visited sanitation workers staying in Shanghai in jiangwan.”Where is home?Are you used to living in Shanghai?Guo Fang came to the sanitation workers and talked with them about their work and life. She thanked them for sticking to their posts and working hard for a clean urban environment.Guo Fang pointed out that to create a national civilized city is the new requirements and new mission of the new journey of hongkou’s development. We should further optimize the operation process, improve the work efficiency, be a good “urban beautician”, and help urban fine management.Later, Guo went to guangzhong Road police station, Hongkou football field, north Bund fire station and other places to comfort the police on duty during the festival, the officers and soldiers of the armed police three detachment on duty and the firefighters on duty.Guo Fang thanked everyone for giving up their homes for everyone, stick to their posts and make contributions to maintaining the safety of urban operation.”We will continue to carry forward our fine traditions and work style, firmly guard the red line and bottom line of security, and ensure that” nothing major happens, and nothing minor happens, “to provide a strong guarantee for local economic and social development and people’s well-being, she said.The reconstruction of the old district is the biggest people’s livelihood, the biggest development and the biggest focus of revitalizing urban resources in Hongkou.In the collection base of Block 202, 253 and 254 of Hongkou District, Guo Fang visited the staff on duty and checked the safety of the base.Guo Fang pointed out that to do a solid job in fire prevention, electricity, gas and other safety hazards investigation, to ensure the old reconstruction of the collection base, construction sites and other safe and orderly management, the implementation of fire safety;We will continue to step up efforts to renovate old areas, innovate and deepen the cooperation model of “three groups”, deepen, take concrete steps to carry out detailed work for the people, make every effort to renovate scattered plots of land, and speed up the renovation of old areas and urban renewal.Youjian Apartment was identified by the municipal Talent Office as the first batch of municipal talent apartments, which can meet the demand of “carrying bags and moving in”. The rental objects include overseas talents in the area, white-collar workers of ordinary enterprises, foreign executives, etc. At present, it is nearly full.Guo Fang came to youjian apartment, condolences to stay in Shanghai for the festival.She pointed out that we should focus on the needs of the current young people, take innovative measures to build a platform, do a good job in talent services and apartment management, and attract more talents to work in Hongkou.In Hongye Tea Garden, Guo Fang visited the community peace volunteers.Community permeated with thick flavor, volunteer groups patrol, on duty on duty.Guo thanked everyone for their selfless contributions to community governance and told them to keep warm.She said the government should make full use of community venues, focus on the elderly and other groups, do a good job in providing services, and carry out cultural and recreational activities to better meet people’s aspirations for a better life.In and hongkou district public security bureau fire station, Hu Guangjie listened to during the festival the emergency linkage plan implementation in detail, reserves are equipped with digital law enforcement case and power, and so on and so forth, to stick to a line of police officers, fire commanders said holiday greetings, and thank you for your house home for everyone, for the service hongkou economic and social development and made positive contributions to maintaining social stability.”I wish you a happy New Year!”Hu guangjie said, you use hard work and silent dedication, for the stability of the city and family reunion, salute you.I hope everyone will continue to maintain the best state, carry forward the fighting style, make full use of modern information technology and intelligent means, strive to do a good job of fire protection and security tasks during the festival, for the safety of the people in the district to protect the navigation.At the time of family reunion, there are also many grassroots front-line staff, silently stick to the city, dedication.Hu went to the Peace Neighborhood Committee and the district CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention to visit the neighborhood committee cadres, community volunteers and inspectors on duty, and to inspect the implementation of community safety measures and the safety management of microbiology laboratories.”Everyone give up reunion, hard work!”Hu expressed his respect and gratitude to the frontline community and prevention and control staff, asking them about their duty arrangements for the Spring Festival, urging them to strengthen self-protection and arrange shifts for a good year while doing a good job on emergency duty and serving the people.On New Year’s Eve, the district city transport Center was brightly lit and busy.Hu guangjie cordially visited the staff, and made a video connection with the key duty departments such as the street, district construction management department and district fire rescue detachment, listening to the safety work deployment and on-duty duty of all departments, streets and units during the festival.He pointed out that to further enhance the risk awareness, consciousness, emergency disposal ability in time, make adequate contingency plans, yan all kinds of risks, attention to personnel gathering place, bus stations, shopping malls and other key areas, with intelligent management, wisdom means efficient disposition of every thing, ensure the security of the city and citizens peaceful, holiday is ok.Members of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee xuan Yizhou, deputy district chief and Director of the Hongkou Branch of the Public Security Bureau Liu Guoqing and Deputy District Chief Zhang Wei attended the visit.
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