Visit “hometown of Red Sister-in-law” in Yimeng and listen to the story of red sister-in-law told by liang Runchang, “National Good Youth in new Era”

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“During the revolutionary War, the women here made great contributions to the victory of the revolution. They had a common name, Red Sister-in-law!What you see now is the red sister-in-law Myeong-deok-young who saved the wounded with her milk.”On the second day of the year, Liang Runchang, who just won the honorary title of “Good Youth in the New Era” in 2021, is telling the story of “Yimeng Red Sisters-in-law” to the tourists in the exhibition room of Ming Deying and Wang Huanyu of “Chinese Red Sisters-in-law Revolution Memorial Hall” in Changshanzhuang Village, Ma Muchi Town, Yinan County, Shandong Province.”They made military shoes, sent their sons to join the army, sent their husbands to the army, sewed uniforms, baked pancakes, made military shoes, carried stretchers, pushed carts, saved the wounded at the risk of their own lives, and would rather starve their children to bring up the revolutionary children.They use weak shoulders, and men together hold up the victory of the war, their broad mind and selfless dedication, we will always be worth learning.”Liang Runchang full of deep feeling about, touched the scene of every tourist!Linyi city people’s hospital, medical workers after listening to the interpretation of Liang Runchang Liu Songxia feel very influenced by education, think the youth is worthy of trust, “today to the country home travel, listen to the little announcer affectionately, the interpretation of the mood is very excited, accepted the red education, her explanation, let me know the good life of hard-won today.At the same time, I also saw the growth of teenagers, saw their respect for history, a hope for the future.Young strong, then China strong, here I wish our great motherland prosperity, bless our young people better tomorrow.”Liu songxia said.After listening to Liang Runchang’s explanation, Li Guixi, a retired teacher from Yinan No. 2 Middle School, said happily, “Our family listened to the explanation and we were very moved.The child spoke naturally and fluently, is the true expression, although I am old, but listen to the blood boiling, there is such a good boy to pass on the red gene, our country will be prosperous and prosperous.”Several red explanations on this day are an epitome of Liang Runchang’s active involvement in red story explanation and inheritance of red genes in recent years.Liang Runchang, 13, is a grade 9 student at Shandahuat Wolong School in Yinan County, Shandong Province.In revolutionary war, yimeng land, “every village has red matrons and every family has martyrs”, Liang Lixiang, liang Runchang’s grandfather, is a revolutionary martyr.Young Liang Runchang determined to inherit the red gene since childhood, the red story happened in the hometown of red sister-in-law to everyone.Since 2015, she has started her own road of red lecture, working as a volunteer guide for red memorial hall such as China Red Sister-in-law Revolution Memorial Hall.Over the past six years, more than 60,000 people have listened to her lectures.In order to improve his explanation level and performance adaptability, Liang Runchang not only learned cultural courses well, but also participated in provincial and national Red Story explanation contests and various recitation and hosting contests, and won good scores repeatedly.In August 2019, she participated in the semi-final of Linyi division of Shandong Province “Red Animated Qilu” Red Story Telling Contest and won the first prize in the group of Little Red Narrator. In September of that year, Liang Runchang won the first prize in the group of Little Red Narrator in the provincial final of “Red Animated Qilu” Red Story Telling Contest.Talked about during the Spring Festival when red to red memorial compulsory small narrator, on which stories Liang Runchang solemnly said: “the story of the country to more people, a responsibility, is a small red narrator to tell the story of which tourists, education the others at the same time, also let I to the river bank Mongolia spirit, which spirit a new understanding and comprehension.I will continue to teach the red gene here during holidays.(Zheng Shuping)