Too much show!The owner of a shop in Yulin will change his lamborghini to put it on the front door.

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In the morning of February 11, luchuan County public Security Bureau traffic management brigade city squadron on duty traffic police in the patrol found an illegal modification of the scrapped car, according to the law.At 10:30 in the morning, the squadron on duty police in the county urban area to clean up the “zombie car” remediation action, when the patrol to the section of road near the Hanlin Huafu community, found a roadside non-motor road “sports car” parked in the road, not hanging a license plate.When the police were on duty looking for the owner, a man came over and said he was the owner of a roadside car repair shop. The car was modified to imitate the Lamborghini model and placed near the door of the shop as a display, mainly in order to attract people’s attention and try to attract business.When the police asked whether the car was driving on the road, the owner hesitated and could not deny.Only after an inspection found signs of use in the car did the owner admit it was operational.The police on duty temporarily detained and towed the illegally modified scrapped car, and severely criticized and educated the owner, informing him of the legal consequences of illegally modified scrapped car and the danger of illegal driving on the road, requiring the owner to operate in accordance with the law, and not to let the illegally modified vehicle into the market or to obtain illegal profits through speculation.About us source: Yulin Traffic police on duty editor: Liang Yuanfan Responsible editor: Jiang Xihe Yulin Daily all media matrix