Regular script calligraphy in the Sui Dynasty

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Ding Daohu, official to Xiangzhou wine engaged in the Sui dynasty calligrapher.The calligraphy circle was very influential in the Sui and Tang dynasties.Leaving only.”Qi Fa Xingguo Temple monument”, has been lost, leaving only cut mounted rubbings.Qi Fa Temple in the Sui Dynasty by the Qizhou governor Wei Shikang reconstruction, later erected a tablet, Zhou Biao wrote, Ding Daohu Shudan, Li Bao inscription, Zhao Li and others.This tablet regular script, its elegant calligraphy, fine brushwork, ding Dao protect representative work.Ding Daohu this tablet is a very mature regular script, the interval frame is flat, strict law, is actually the forerunner of Tang Kai.Longzang temple tablet author unknown, but is still an important regular script inscription.It is a rare art treasure with great influence on the transmission of literature from Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern dynasties to Tang Dynasty.The epitaph is a regular script written by Yang Jian’s son Yang Xiu for his concubine Dong Mei. This epitaph has a high level.Yang Xiu was the son of the Sui dynasty and served as the king of Yue.Later, he became the king of Shu, twice sitting in the land of Shu, once leading the yunnan-Guichuan area of military and political power.Yang Guang set up Yang Xiu, and Yang Xiu was imprisoned.Many years later, Yu Wenji killed Yang Guang and tried to make Yang Xiu a puppet emperor, but when he failed, he killed Yang Xiu.Master Xin Xing was a big monk of the third order Buddhism branch in The Sui Dynasty. He was very famous in the Sui Dynasty. He believed that Buddhism should be timely, and should not talk about theories in vain.The Sui Dynasty was famous for its regular script, which inherited the calligraphy of the Northern and Southern Jin Dynasties, and the Calligraphy of the Tang Dynasty, which belonged to the transition stage of the two golden periods of calligraphy.