Who buys and sells “fraud tools”?

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Kunming, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) –Question: Who buys and sells “electric fraud tools”?GOIP equipment can transform traditional telephone signals into network signals, a GOIP equipment can have hundreds of mobile phone card slots, equivalent to hundreds of mobile phone sets into one, through the computer end to achieve remote group control virtual dialing.In recent years, such devices have been used by telecom fraud rings to commit crimes.Information from the Ministry of Public Security shows that 441,000 cases of telecom and Internet fraud were solved nationwide in 2021, and 690,000 suspects were arrested.”Xinhua View” reporters in grass-roots visits to the public security organs, communications management departments learned that GOIP equipment has lost its normal application scenarios, become “electric fraud tool”, in most of the electric fraud cases have its figure.Worryingly, such devices are still easily available on some e-commerce platforms.A GOIP virtual dialing device was found on the back seat of a white car in Chengjiang city, Yuxi city, Yunnan Province, when several policemen suddenly surrounded the car and overpowered the two men in the car.The campaign comes just days after a new mother in Yunnan’s Chuxiong Prefecture received a text message saying she needed to return her baby products due to quality problems.According to the requirements of the other side of a meal operation, the mother found that he was cheated 28,000 yuan!After receiving the report, the police found that the number involved was used on the same device as many other numbers, and frequently made calls to all parts of the country.The equipment has been moving around, recently to Chenggong district in Kunming city, and then to Yuxi city.”Based on our experience, there is a high probability that mads are carrying GOIP devices everywhere.”After arresting the suspect, the police found that the phone number used by the fraudsters in the case actually came from the device, said a police officer from Chenggong Branch of Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau.Police believe that GOIP devices provide technical support for telecom fraud, which is an important factor leading to the high number of telecom fraud crimes.In the past, GOIP devices were mainly used as centralized call systems for communication operators and large multinational companies, but have now been replaced.Cybercrooks use GOIP devices as a fraud tool, taking advantage of their ability to simulate any number and dial in bulk.In order to avoid police tracking, they often find “mads” with GOIP devices constantly on the move.”The equipment costs only a few thousand yuan, but it brings the police many difficulties in handling the case.”Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department network security corps police Han Zhichao said that the fraud group through the crime dens and call equipment separation, can recruit “ma zai” remote control in any area of the country;The use of arbitrary display software and telephone multiple transfer technology, resulting in police tracking across multiple provinces and cities, as long as a communications customs bureau can not screen information, clues will be interrupted.Chen Liangxin, director of the information and communication management department of the Guangdong Provincial Communications Administration, said, “With GOIP, anyone can rent a room, or even turn on the car for a month, and criminals can control it from abroad.””This kind of crime can also realize the separation of people, cards and machines,” said Xiong Meng, deputy chief of the third brigade of kunming Public Security Bureau’s anti-fraud center. “The gateway is in China, the card slot is in one country and the operator is in another. It can even remotely clear data and destroy evidence.”Some people in online illegal sales reporters learned that the GOIP industry is not large, production in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other cities relatively concentrated.Shenzhen is a technology Co., Ltd. person in charge told reporters, the company deep cultivation of GOIP field for 20 years, because of the related products involved in electric fraud cases, to cooperate with anti-fraud work, in April 2020 decided to suspend domestic sales, only do foreign trade;Several other larger manufacturers in Shenzhen have done the same.”The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has stopped issuing new Internet access licenses for GOIP devices, and most of the devices sold in the market are pirated or fraudulent.”A senior communications engineer said the equipment, which cannot obtain a formal network access license, cannot be sold publicly.However, the reporter found that some e-commerce platforms can still search relevant products.A reporter searched “GOIP” on some e-commerce platforms, and many goods were still for sale.Among them, a Seller in Wuhan recently put on the shelves a “95 new” “one is genuine” GOIP gateway, priced at 15,500 yuan, the seller said in the description of “normal use no problem, full netcom 4G network, 32 drag 128 mouth.”The so-called “32 drag 128 ports”, that is, 32 ports, can insert 128 mobile phone cards.Several stores said that the GOIP devices currently on sale can no longer be used in China, but if they are bought in the name of “state-owned enterprises or listed companies”, there are “ways to avoid restrictions” for normal use in China.They didn’t say how.In addition, some people disassemble the core modules of GOIP devices on e-commerce platforms and sell them under different names such as “multi-card device” and “mobile phone external card slot”.Some interviewees believe that the equipment technology can be copied strongly, and it is easy to turn into underground production and circulation. Some small OEM factories that have not been included in the sight of market supervision have sustained production capacity, and the products flow into the second-hand trading market and black market.It is understood that in 2021, the national public security organs further promote the “Net 2021” special operation, for network black gray production of “black card”, “black number”, “black line” and “black equipment” four types of important “crime material” network crime, captured “card business”, “number business” and other criminal suspects more than 30,000.More than 3 million mobile phone black cards were seized, more than 10 million Internet black numbers were seized, and more than 10,000 sets of black equipment such as “Cat Pool” and GOIP were seized.”Electric fraud light by the public security is not finished, must strengthen the comprehensive control.”A number of grassroots police believe that anti-fraud work, the core is the governance involved in fraud tools;Multiple measures should be taken simultaneously to curb the flood of GOIP devices through sources, channels and technical control.Respondents suggested that the first step is to strengthen supervision of e-commerce platform circulation channels.Cyberspace and market supervision departments should strengthen supervision of relevant e-commerce platforms, explicitly require them to remove GOIP devices, and fill up the circulation loopholes of fraud-related devices.At the same time, to strengthen the upstream mobile phone card source management.Mobile phone cards are the basic “material” of telecom fraud, as well as the “material” of GOIP devices.”In theory, a person can get about 100 cards from the three major carriers and virtual carriers. Obviously, a normal person can’t use so many cards. This creates a rent-and-sell behavior that makes GOIP devices useful.”Tao Jian, a police officer at the Criminal investigation bureau of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, said the city is gradually implementing a policy limiting users to only six mobile phone cards in Shenzhen, and it is necessary to implement such a policy at the national level.A draft anti-telecom Internet fraud law released in October proposed penalties such as fines and administrative detention for those who illegally manufacture, sell, provide or use equipment mainly used for telecom Internet fraud.Xiong meng and other grassroots police suggested further clarifying in the draft that those who own or buy GOIP equipment but cannot prove its legitimate use should be presumed to be guilty of aiding information network crimes, so as to further clarify responsibilities and clarify legal boundaries.Source: Xinhua