Selected 100 partners nationwide, Lin Qingxuan will comprehensively promote the “joint venture model” in 2022

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Abstract: Focusing on the Chinese characteristics of red mountain tea skin care Lin Qingxuan has new measures, in 2022, the company will comprehensively promote the joint venture model, continue to create a “super brand + super channel” new development road.Lin Qingxuan, founded in 2003, is a local original brand in Shanghai, focusing on camellia repair and repair products represented by camellia moisturizing oil.After 19 years of development, it has grown into a representative force in domestic high-end skin care products.Whether it is continuous financing, or the offline layout of more than 400 direct-sale stores, is also the beginning of the year and the international brand Chanel “red camellia” fight…It can be seen that Lin Qingxuan has developed strongly in recent years and is a worthy new force in the high-end beauty makeup industry of China tide.The continuous action of Lin Qingxuan and new news, it is reported that Lin Qingxuan will officially start the joint investment, in the national selection of 100 partners, comprehensive promotion of single brand store joint mode!This is another important layout of Lin Qingxuan’s super channel building after the online diversification exploration.According to the information previously disclosed by the brand side of Lin Qingxuan, Lin Qingxuan will officially open the “joint venture” mode when it enters the US Expo for the first time from May 12 to 14, 2022.At that time, we will select 100 quality associates in China to provide more consumers with quality skin care products and services together with Lin Qingxuan.In fact, as early as 2020, Lin Qingxuan has carried out pilot cooperation of “joint operation” in some regions.Xiaobian learned that the first joint store of Nantong Sanrun Group and Lin Qingxuan was officially opened in July 2020, and the opening sales volume was nearly 600,000 yuan, laying a solid foundation for the comprehensive implementation of Lin Qingxuan joint store model.After more than a year of exploration and summary, Lin Qingxuan brand said that now the company has a perfect joint operation mode and operation experience, for the future development of joint stores are full of confidence.On this basis, Lin Qingxuan decided to fully open the “joint venture” market in 2022!Different from the traditional beauty brand franchise model, Lin Qingxuan and associates are a “win-win” model.”Joint operation” is a joint operation in which brand owners and partners share risks and profits, and both sides work together to expand the market and create value.According to the brand side, Lin Qingxuan will strictly control the operation capacity of associates, operate stores with partners, and strive to achieve the same resource allocation as direct stores, and use superior products and services to seal sales “insurance lock” for associates.For Lin Qingxuan, “joint venture” mode has two big advantages.One is to expand the scale of the brand store at the same time to ensure the unified product price, high standardization of service;Second, Lin Qingxuan’s joint store layout will be extended to the second and third tier cities, no longer limited to the first-tier and new first-tier city economic circle, so as to further expand the brand effect of Lin Qingxuan.On the selection of joint venture, Xiaobian understands that Lin Qingxuan has a strict selection mechanism for partners, which is fine rather than many.In line with the principle of mutual benefit and win-win development, Lin Qingxuan welcomes all elites with the same vision, dream and hard work spirit to join us and create a better future together.Double wheel drive: direct operation + joint operation, brand development and then speed up joint investment is an important part of Lin Qingxuan to create “super channel”.In 2022, Lin Qingxuan entity channel will fully develop direct sales +
Joint venture mode, more diversified offline layout, accelerate the development of the second pole of the brand.While creating online channels and digital systems, Lin Qingxuan also attaches great importance to the development layout of offline channels.Prior to this, Lin Qingxuan has been insisting on direct store sales for 19 years, with nearly 400 direct stores all over first-tier cities and new first-tier cities, which has become the head force of local cosmetics offline single brand stores.However, with the demand of the second and third line consumers becoming increasingly high, in order to let more users experience the natural and effective skin care of Hongshan tea, while retaining high-quality products and services, Lin Qingxuan decided to launch the new initiative of “joint operation”.The official launch of the joint venture mode in 2022 means that Lin Qingxuan has comprehensively promoted the dual-wheel drive strategy of “direct marketing + joint venture”, and also means that the new development path of “super brand + super channel” has entered a new stage of development.Lin Qingxuan adheres to the principle of long-term development and always sticks to bringing natural, safe and effective skin care products to consumers.With excellent product strength and strict quality control of the ingenuity to obtain a good reputation, market influence continues to expand.With the comprehensive promotion of the joint venture model, the brand terminal will be able to further consolidate, determined to “become one of the world’s five cosmetics groups” Lin Qingxuan, the future is worth looking forward to.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.