From childhood acquaintance to summit meeting, these two post-00s generation are so inspirational

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On February 15, Beijing Olympic freestyle skiing women’s slope obstacle skills final 19 GuAiLing pick silver snowboarding is 18 years old man big platform final Su Yi song title after the two 00 at the winter games have their harvest a gold and from small training to the summit meeting young aspiring, hand in hand together in the future can be period since the childhood have “fairy friendship” training together,Su yiming and Gu Ailing have known each other since they were children. Su, 13, and Gu Ailing, 14, train together, laugh together, exchange skiing equipment, guide each other and fall together,Gu Ailing, 14, said that she wanted to be a professional ski racer. “The biggest thing that skiing brings to me is my indomitable spirit. When I fell down, I first made sure THAT I was not injured, and then I stood up to sum up the experience and try again.”Though it was already in a “siege”, “the beautiful snow, such as a number of film and television play but 13 Su Yi wong said” if you have the chance I also want to ski as a professional I will continue to do it best “two aspiring young together for five years after the Beijing games are the two common aspirations of young in the Beijing games are metOn February 8, freestyle skiing women’s big platform final GuAiLing last jump, superego limit reverse total score, won the gold medal at the day before, on Feb. 7 men snowboarding slope obstacle skills final Su Yi wong won the silver medal for China team created the best record in the project 7 when Su Yi asked if there is any concern GuAiLing game he said:”Actually don’t need to see because I know if she is well finish her movements will be relaxed to the final” 8 GuAiLing said Su Yi is his younger brother, “as long as play the best level Su Yi sound sure no problem but I think he need not come on don’t give him more pressure because I don’t think he has been very very very good” on the same day for the finals on the same day the awardGu Took silver in the women’s slopestyle freestyle skiing final on February 15, Taiwan. Despite a fall in the middle, Gu said, “I finally learned.Breakthrough made me feel very proud “of snowboarding man held after big platform final Su Yi sound play stunning gold medal as winter games the youngest gold medalist in the history of this project, two days after Su Yi wong will be at least 18 years old not long ago, he said want to use the gold medal for his birthday this day, he realized the dream of childhood playmates is training together,Grow together now meet each other to encourage each other, bless each other young ambition, the future can be