An introduction to “CAI Gen Tan” : Teach people not to be too good, but to follow

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CAI Gen Tan is a popular book written by Hong Yingming, a Taoist in the early Ming Dynasty. Together with A Small Window and A Night Talk around the Stove written by Chen Jiru and Wang Yongbin, it is known as the “three fantastic books of life”.Why is this book called Vegetable Root Tan?At that time, Hong Yingming lived a very poor life. It was a pity to see a lot of root vegetables were thrown away. He wanted to take the root vegetables away, but he did not want to owe others anything, so he paid a little money to buy the root vegetables away.For a long time, the local people called Hong Yingming “silly vegetable root”.One day, hong yingming was visited by his friend Yu Kongjian at home.Hong Yingming treated him with root vegetables, pickles and rice congee. After “Yu Kong concurrently” tasted it, he slapped the table and applauded.The pickles preserved by Hong Yingming are bright and dark in color, salty and crisp, and bitter without roots. Compared with ordinary pickles, they have a different taste.His book was eventually named “Vegetable root”.Here are some thoughts of Hong Ying-ming in his “Introduction” : 1. If you are too strict in attacking others’ evil, you should think of kān; 2.Teach a man not to be too good, but to attack his evil not too hard, but to be worthy of it: judge not a man’s faults too hard, but whether he can bear them.Teach a man not to expect too much of what is good, but to be able to follow: Teach a man not to expect too much of what is good, but to consider whether he is capable of it.The higher you expect from others, the more disappointed you are and the more uncomfortable you feel.This principle should start with the people around you, because the people around you are not saints. You should realize that the people around you are not saints. They will have happiness, sorrow and happiness, will not be reasonable, will not do what you want, and will even quarrel with you.Have this expectation in advance, when you encounter specific things, you will not feel angry at will.2. Faecal worm to toureze (hui) into cicada, and drink dew in the autumn wind;Rotting grass light into fluorescent, and yao picked in the summer month;Knowing that clean often from the dirt, Ming every from the dark also fecal worms to filth into cicada, and drink dew in the autumn wind: maggots in the dung is the most dirty, once transformed into cicadas, but can in the autumn wind, drink morning dew.Decaying grasses turn to fireflies when they lose their light, and flares in the summer moon: decaying haystacks grow dim and dull, and give rise to fireflies, which shine on summer nights as brightly as the moon.Therefore, we know that purity often springs from filth, and light always springs from darkness. We know that purity often springs from filth, and light often springs from darkness.Is zhouDun (dūn) Yi (Yi) in the “Lotus said” that sentence: out of the mud and not stained, zhuo (clean ripple and not charming.3. After full thinking taste, the shade of the environment are gone;After the thought of lust, then men and women see all;The old man should be able to overcome his obsession with the immediate thing with regret afterwards, and then he will be able to move without hesitation. After he is full, he will be able to enjoy the delicious food again.All the bland flavors are gone.Eat not greedy food, eat too full, in order to temporarily cool, let the body uncomfortable is not cost-effective.When men and women think of adultery after sex, they have no idea of it: after satisfying their sexual desires, they go back to the matter of adultery and have no interest in it, and the idea of male and female love is completely eliminated.It is right for a man to realize his obsession with the imminent event with regret afterwards: he should use the heart of repentance afterwards to get rid of the obstinacy when the event comes or when he is in it.In this way, you can stabilize your mood and act in the right way.4. In the xuan (Xu ān), miǎn (miǎn), one must not be without the smell of mountains and forests;Under the Lin Spring, need huai Lang temple longitude (LUN);Life need not take credit, no fault is work;No feelings of virtue with people, no resentment is the virtue of living in the xuan crown, can not be without the smell of the mountains: hold an important position in the court, go out in a luxurious car, wearing official clothes, wearing a hat, but the heart can not live in seclusion of the mountains of indifference.Seneca, the Roman philosopher who assisted Nero, always disdained wealth and advocated simple life and peace of mind.Under the forest spring, you need to cherish the virtues of the corridor temple: standing among mountains, mountains, springs and rocks, you should have no official rank and no position, but you should have the great talent and wisdom to stabilize the country.Warring States guiguzi, he lived a reclusive life, but taught su Qin, Zhang Yi, enough to control the state, promote the history of the students.There is no need to take credit, no fault is merit: people in the world, do not try to seek credit, no fault is credit.With people do not feel virtuous, no resentment is virtue: with people, do not expect others to be grateful, no resentment is virtue.Therefore, to be able to flatly light, willing to clean mediocre life, you should give yourself a big praise.5 care attendance is a virtue, too bitter is not suitable for sex yi feeling;Too slack is high wind; too dry is no benefit; too hard is no delight; and worry about business is a fine virtue, but too much is not nature, nor pleasure.That is, everything we do should combine work and rest, in line with the middle way.Indifference is high wind, too dry will not benefit people: indifferent to fame and wealth, without desire without truth is a kind of integrity, but too cold, can not benefit people;Indifference instead became a weakness, an excuse to look on coldly.CAI Gen Tan is a popular book of Confucianism, which adopts the three schools of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. It takes the philosophy of mind and Zen as the core and has the main road of “self-cultivation, family harmony, state governance and world peace”.This little book can cultivate one’s mind, calm one’s restless mind, and provide some effective ways to solve problems, which interested friends can read and read.