Women in a marriage often do these things, a woman has changed her mind

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In the marriage of husband and wife, not only need a man to have a sense of responsibility to the family, but also need a woman to have enough sense of responsibility to the family!If a woman in a marriage often does these things, it is a sign that the woman has changed her mind:First, there is always an excuse to be busy, but can not bring benefits to the home women have an outside heart, must have time to maintain extramarital affairs, they may make up a lot of excuses, let a person look like they seem to be busy every day, but, their busy but can not bring benefits to the family!Second, there are always some unknown phone calls and messages women have changed their minds and need to keep in touch with the opposite sex through mobile phones. At this time, women always receive some unknown phone calls, especially at night.The 3rd, the woman after noticing individual sanitation neglects home sanitation to change one’s mind, the individual that can notice him especially is wholesome, and the wholesome environment in the home that ignores, even if never the woman that sprays sweet water, after having outside heart, also can be partial to go up spray perfume!After the woman in marriage changes heart, the change even if again tiny, do the husband also can discover, after all is to live together for many years of husband and wife, subtle change is not hide from each other!