What’s driving up the price of oil?How do you protect your wealth now?

2022-07-07 0 By

With gas prices getting higher, many people say they can’t afford to fill up.Mainland China oil 92 # gasoline, currently at around 8 yuan 1 liter, and Los Angeles, USA shell, gasoline prices at the pump 1 gallon (the equivalent of 92 # gasoline) gasoline price is $5, the equivalent of a litre of 8.5 yuan, both difference is not big, but think of income level between the two countries, Chinese consumers a much higher burden of gasoline.What are the reasons for the rise in oil prices?How do you protect your wealth now?The epidemic has been going on for two years, and the world has entered stagflation, that is, economic decline, but inflation is rising, especially in the United States, where prices are rising and consumption power is insufficient.The recent war in Russia and Ukraine has strained global energy supplies as Russia is a supplier of crude oil.A variety of factors have contributed to the surge in oil prices, which is likely to rise further as the U.S. and its Allies ban oil purchases from Russia, a major oil producer.In the stagflation period, stocks have become the worst performing asset. Recently, stocks and funds have plunged, and investors are miserable. Most of the profits they made before have been thrown out, but the bottom is not yet in sight.Commodities, on the other hand, have been the better performing asset.Now want to invest in financial management, you can consider some commodities, in addition to crude oil can also consider gold, and the stock market is in the depression adjustment period, investors should wait and see for a period of time, to see the bottom and then intervene in the trading.In addition to the epidemic and geopolitical crisis, global monetary easing, economic recovery and increased energy demand, as well as production curbs by members of the Organization of Crude Oil Producers have all contributed to the rapid increase in oil prices, which are now rising at the fastest pace in 60 years.The rise in oil prices, rising inflation, many people worry about wealth, for ordinary people, this time can choose some better safety products, gold has always been the safety value, if we can in the field of global top platform, opening a mini account $30 can enter transactions, not only can do can do more empty, reasonable trading can grasp the huge profit margins.What’s driving up the price of oil?If you want to protect your wealth, you can choose to invest in some commodities like gold. As for stocks, you should wait and see for a while. It is better to hold cash than stocks.