These unique scenic spots in Haiken have been praised by tourists

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Reporter Guo Qi “This year, I went to the Red culture tourism area of Murui Mountain to find a b&B vacation, where the beautiful scenery and fresh air, not only can climb the mountain to exercise, but also can trace the red memory.”Wang Tao, a haikou resident, told reporters on February 7 that he chose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot this year. His parents love red culture and mountain climbing. The Murui Mountain red Culture tourist area is a good place to travel, and the family had a very happy and meaningful holiday.Tourists take a boat ride at shihua Water Cave Geopark.During the Spring Festival, the two main keynote of “returning home for the Spring Festival” and local travel went hand in hand, and the provincial travel again dominated.Hainan agricultural reclamation various text brigade enterprise from the epidemic prevention and control, enrich tourism products, improving the quality of tourism services and other aspects, adjust measures to local conditions, outstanding features, launched a series of “travel +”, meet the demand of people to travel to the nearest personality and the psychological needs of celebrating the Spring Festival for visitors to provide more rich experience, for the Spring Festival in hainan tourism market added “a fire”.In this Spring Festival, with the initiative of “Celebrating the Spring Festival in place”, the surrounding tourism has become the first choice for the Spring Festival tourism. The parent-child family is still the main consumption force. The traditional folk culture has been organically integrated into the Spring Festival activities and become a consumption hot spot, with a more obvious trend of leisure.In view of this trend, hainan Agricultural Reclamation scenic spots take advantage of the trend, aiming at the consumer groups with different characteristics, constantly enrich all kinds of “Lunar New Year flavor” cultural tourism products, improve leisure and vacation facilities, improve the quality of cultural services, and develop characteristic tourism industry with diversified tourism modes.Tourists experience the suspension bridge project at lianhuashan Cultural Scenic spot.”Mom, what is ebony?””Dad, this used to be a mine!…In Hainan Lianhuashan cultural scenic spot, children can be heard everywhere asking questions and making surprised sounds, while their parents will carefully answer their doubts.”Children who grow up in cities rarely have access to nature, so it’s meaningful to take them on vacation to appreciate the ecological landscape and learn about nature.””Said tourist Li Fang.”Close distance, short time, follow the heart, slow experience for the characteristics of family Tours, family Tours have become a new fashion in the Spring Festival tourism.”A person in charge of Haiken Tourism Group said that many families will carefully organize and plan family tourism activities during the Spring Festival, so it is necessary to timely launch tourism products and preferential activities corresponding to family and family Tours to meet the expectations of tourists.The reporter learned that Hainan Lianhuashan Cultural scenic spot launched “free tickets for children under 14 years old in the city” from January 31 to February 20.You can not only visit maofu Mountain, Ebony Garden, siliceous wood Garden, Wufu Cultural Square, Alone Occupy first place, Kowloon Lotus Pond and other scenic spots during the day, but also enjoy the “Firefly Night” dream light show at night to feel the charm of the night tour of Lianhua Mountain.Hainan Shihua Water Cave Geopark is a popular tourist attraction in the west of Hainan. During the Spring Festival holiday, the scenic spot holds the fourth Hainan Danzhou Colorful Windmill Festival, which brings diversified and wonderful festival activities and rich tourism products to tourists, attracting many tourists from inside and outside the province to sightseeing.”The various forms and colors in the cave give me different visual enjoyment.We also ordered a special dustpan meal, which is delicious.”Wang Min, a tourist from Hainan Shihua Water Cave Geopark-related park, said it was good to create a one-stop shopping experience for tourists in the scenic spot. He also planned to buy some stone flowers and cultural and creative products of Li nationality to send back to relatives and friends in other places.”Family tourism, especially family travel, should be a combination of entertainment and education.Use the concept of ‘seeing the world with children’ to think about how to create more experiential projects.”Hainan Shihua water hole geological park operation director Hong Liyun introduced, the park added a small game such as mining treasure, magic crystal, archaeology blind box, let the child become a small miner, small archeologist, let the child explore the charm of archaeology, cultivate the child’s exploration ability.During the Spring Festival holiday, various cultural and tourism products launched by hainan Agricultural Reclamation scenic spots add interesting ways to the Spring Festival holiday, further enliven the cultural and tourism life, and add a color to the thick flavor of the New Year.With the rising demand for self-drive travel, near-field trips and city trips, local and surrounding hotels are favored by consumers, and hotel vacations have become a hot spot in the “Local Chinese New Year” market this year.”Sanya is a well-known tourist destination in China, and the popularity of hotels continues to rise during the Spring Festival. Many hotels launched ‘hotel +’ packages such as’ Hotel + New Year’s Eve dinner ‘and’ hotel + Duty-free ‘for the’ local Chinese New Year ‘. Staying in hotels to enjoy a complete Spring Festival holiday is becoming a new way to open the Spring Festival.”The person in charge of Haiken Tourism Group believes that the launch of a series of diversified and customized quality hotel packages will not only bring the New Year holiday feeling, but also make the hotel a new scene for people to reunite.The reporter learned that during the Spring Festival, the occupancy rate of tourists in Sanya Oriental Seaview Hotel and Hainan Hongyun Hotel under Haikan Tourism Group exceeded 90%, providing consumers with comfortable and warm space with professional, streamlined and personalized service quality.The hot Spring Villa Hotel, a subsidiary of Haiyan Tourism Group, also offered two free tickets to lianhua Mountain scenic spot (worth 106 YUAN).”Blue Ocean Hot Spring can not only make soup but also make food, it is so interesting.”Chen Ming, a tourist, told the reporter that he came to the Lanyang Hot Spring, one of the eight scenic spots of Danzhou, and experienced an unprecedented surprise. He will come again.In Hainan Nantian Hot Spring International Resort hotel, many tourists in this hot spring physiotherapy, faded fatigue.”During the Spring Festival, we launched many popular packages, including single packages and family packages, to meet different needs of consumers.”The hotel related person in charge told reporters that many packages are valid until June, so that consumers have more choice of space.The personage inside course of study thinks, “house hotel” travel mode become popular, “on New Year’s day” is a big reversed transmission resort hotel with more new plays, lock the flow in the face of new market demand, holiday through product and service innovation as the “house hotel” young customers bring unique experience, has become the hotel practitioners focus.Sea reclamation tourism group related person in charge told reporters, the next step, the group will accelerate the deployment of key scenic construction, enhance the core attraction of tourism.The hotels under the Group will launch a variety of “hotel +” products to strengthen the combination of hotel content and create a series of products and services with temperature, cultural connotation and in-depth experience, so that consumers will have a better sense of experience and the tourism economy will release more vitality.Statement: reprint or quote this official news, please indicate the source and the original author.Edit | Liang Ning editor | WuQiRong duty director | Gao Ying