The hero tries to train a successor to retire from the adventurer, only to encounter a series of problems

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If you live in a world of swords and magic and want to be an adventurer, the most important thing is to find a few good teammates.You can help yourself in times of danger, and your days off won’t be too boring.On the other hand, if the teammates around you are unreliable, every time the task is difficult to complete not say, a little careless, but also involved in some trouble.A typical example is “Blessings on a Better World”.The three companions around the hero in this movie are typical unreliable teammates.A similar example can be found in the next film, The Guild of Evil.Bad Guild is an adventure-style comic book created by Taiichi Kato. The story centers on the hero and four female apprents with distinctive personalities who are always useless at critical moments and often cause trouble.The hero is called chrysanthemum flow magic bullet, since I can remember in order to fight with the magic things and constantly training every day, and in the year of 18 years old officially become the adventurer of the association.After decades of training, he soon became the most numerous hunter in the town, and with every strike he was rewarded, he was the pillar of the guild.It seems to be a smooth career path, and at this rate, the name of juliu Magic bullet will soon be heard all over the city.It was supposed to be so, but just two years into his career, at the age of 20, he unexpectedly received a wedding card from his counterpart.Looking at the two happy faces on the card, the male protagonist can not help thinking about his life: because he was full of various training courses since childhood, and immediately became an adventurer when he grew up, so that until now, he did not have a girlfriend.After a thorough consideration, the male master decided to resign, the next ready to enter the school to enjoy the youth life.The idea was good, but it was clearly unacceptable for the guild to suddenly lose such an important member.Sure enough, when he told this idea to the person in charge of Love Noomei, the other party repeatedly retain not to say, in order to meet the male master want to know the girl’s desire, but also specially arranged for its a few beautiful girl apprentice.And these are the heroines.The first, zhi Xiangjiang, was an energetic beast with ears.It comes across as silly and silly, and it is.Although the physical strength is better, the sense of smell is also very sensitive, but in the process of fighting with magic things, always the first time to give for nothing.Even slim, the weakest of them, could not beat him, and there were occasional flat falls;The second, named Midna, was a white magician who healed the wounded.For a team, this position is certainly very important, and Midna is known as a genius girl around, their magical ability is naturally needless to say.The biggest problem was physical incapacity and inability to do anything but magic.This also leads to being overwhelmed by unexpected situations in combat;The third was a maideness named Torchichik, a dark magician.Like the former, her weakness is poor physical strength, often did not walk too far to fall to the ground.In addition, he always has no energy, even to the point of greeting with “first, more according to” ellipsis;The fourth is Hatake, who was born a lady.With a height commensurate with her warrior occupation.In most cases, he is also the most reliable of these apprentices, who can fight or not, but also values his fellow apprentices.However, once you use the “madness” skill, the whole person will become drunk.These several problem girls together, even the male main such strength and experience of the people, how many will feel headache.His original plan had been to train them to become independent men, and then retire and enjoy the good life.But in a situation like this, I’m afraid I’ll never get it.First take new appointments as a reason to let male master temporarily stay, and then deliberately arrange some problems to him beautiful girl.I have to say, the guilds are deep…The subsequent plots of the story are mainly about the adventures and daily stories between the hero and these disciples.Overall, Guilds is a funny, adventurous comic.The drawing style of comics and several leading ladies are very good.If you have a fan, you can take a look at the original