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100 fu Linmen often more than, auspicious clouds auspicious gas gathering New Year!Police xiao Canhui wishes the general public friends good luck, smile!We met Xiao Canhui in The Mayong Branch of Dongguan Public Security Bureau. He had a thin black face with a faint smile, and his thick eyebrows showed a calm and capable character.In an interview, Xiao Canhui is still a little shy, but when it comes to the daily inspection and service of the masses, he is full of passion to share with us the thrilling experience encountered in the work, after the interview, he hurried to patrol the road……”Every case should be treated seriously, not missing any detail.”With this creed, Xiao Canhui has been working in the police force for 17 years. He has practiced and polished himself in different grassroots positions. He has developed the spirit of daring to make decisions and take responsibility at critical moments from details, and quietly composed songs of praise for improving people’s sense of security, sense of gain and sense of happiness.He has won the third-class merit for 4 times and the personal award for 2 times. He was selected as the “Most beautiful Grassroots Police officer” in Guangdong Province in 2021.In the early hours of November 11, 2021, Xiao Canhui, as usual, led the team to The fixed security card point of Chuan Cha, Ma Yong town, Dongguan City, to perform the task of car inspection.Only a few street lamps lit up the road ahead, accompanied by a cool breeze sent a sleepy feeling, Xiao Canhui more alert.A car carrying four young men caught Xiao’s attention. By checking their identities, he found that two of them had previous convictions for drug abuse and the other two also had criminal records.Immediately check the car trunk, he keenly observed that there are about one meter long machete, knife steel pipe.At the moment, only Xiao and three auxiliary police officers, it is not clear whether the other vehicle concealed other weapons, if forcibly removed, the police would be at a disadvantage.Xiao Canhui quickly mastered the situation, it is urgent to stabilize the group, inform the police support, at the same time can not let the other side see their suspicions, this is a game of psychological warfare on both sides.Xiao Canhui showed a calm, with the outbreak of routine inspection by the head, and the other clever deal with nearly 20 minutes, until the arrival of the police support.After further investigation by the public security organs, the four men involved in a number of criminal gangs, in 2021 had repeatedly in Guangzhou, Foshan and other places to rob at knifepoint, extortion illegal means of running around the crime, this time to drive to Dongguan, just want to look for opportunities to commit the crime.Experienced police said: “I can’t imagine if we didn’t deal with this matter in time, how serious the consequences would have been.”Xiao Canhui with years of patrol experience and extraordinary judgment, predict the hidden dangers of malignant events, in the premise of no casualties, the danger nipped in the bud.In Xiao Canhui’s opinion, to protect the masses well, it is not enough to rely on one’s blood, but also to be brave and resourceful. Only by practicing excellent skills and qualities at ordinary times can we cope with the ever-changing situation at the critical moment, and make sure that our strategies are absolutely accurate and hit the key.Xiao Canhui police skills as dongguan city public security bureau of the people’s police school part-time instructors, every year to the school teaching, the scene personally demonstration guidance instruments use, vehicle inspection skills, weak basis for police officers will be patient and detailed explanation, effectively enhance the police actual combat skills and ability to cope with the abrupt.The practical skills and tactics of the police force adapt to the requirements of the new era, and the achievements of the construction of the police force are directly and effectively reflected in the daily police work.For Xiao Canhui, not afraid of sacrifice, the front has always been in his mind the spirit of party members.This year, Li Weibiao was very encouraged by the unfortunate sacrifice of a man in order to control the trouble. “A policeman is also an ordinary person with flesh and blood, but In the face of danger, Li Weibiao did not want to escape, but chose to sacrifice himself. He was stabbed in many places on his body and insisted on protecting people around him.”Li Weibiao’s spirit of sacrificing blood and protecting people’s safety made Xiao Canhui have a deeper understanding of party member spirit in his mind.Who often becomes, who often comes.Xiao Canhui knew that the public security work is the work of the masses, the party members of the police to protect the masses not only reflected in the critical moment to come forward, the critical moment of the dare to win, but also reflected in the ordinary period bit by bit, day and night selfless dedication.”When working in the field, be vigilant and don’t ignore every detail.”This is xiao Canhui in the daily patrol work often remind colleagues, but also because of these delicate thoughts, when he led the team to perform inventory tasks, can efficiently and accurately spot the key personnel with criminal records, effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents in the area.Ma Chung sub-bureau deputy director He Haibo said: “Xiao Canhui is modest and earnest.He has the strength to implement the requirements of the organization, the toughness to do all the work, the warmth to deal with the masses and colleagues, and the scale of temptation in daily life.”This year is xiao Canhui’s 17th year from the police, he said in the New Year, will continue to maintain the tenacity, seriously do a good job in every inspection, practical service for the people, with practical actions to practice the original mission of “people’s public security for the people”, to protect the safety of the area to do more!Source: Dongguan Public Security Bureau