I have no ability to love, except for you, except for you

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A poem is Every day of the original poetry and dreams, don’t again and I brushed past with like-minded friends to join the circle open, beautiful poetic time, to a poem is in the world of heavy and complicated, can give you a quiet (added circle card here, please go to today’s headlines client view) who the hidden meaning in the setting sun tinged with gently, and the white clouds meet in the evening,In the cloud, the spring breeze and you face a mountain breeze trees – not “untitled” text/Adam – wang jiangnan should now is the plum blossom disorderly broken branches of peach blossom red in the face of the fragrance of enron – north of unfavorable on snow in the north face thinking of you & horizontal pond full of lotus or lotus pond fish play – the flower of the agitated grinned a half block half mask, meantime our warm hearts have planets with open arms,To embrace you beyond the Limits of Roche, to embrace the eternity of the moment.Far from each other, saved alone in the glory, unafraid of the shackles of trouble.Believe in love, the night away.In my memory, you are close at hand. The rose of Unicorn is my cosmic romance for you.- he qing does “encounter”/Hlove king wen hui afternoon, no wind is god created a bomb memories nitramine filled with like only need a greeting can ignite lead – we miss spark who also have no guts to do that when you last month, the day the edge than month star gleamed mutual 烑 Lian, js mi ammy like a spring of my heart – qing when you write to me, through you,I see everything in the world;Now without you, everything I see in the world seems to have been stolen from you.In the evening, I borrowed it to send two jars of old wine to the setting sun, and drank it till it rolled down the hill.Moonlight, I steal, pull a few ray knead into a piece, knock broken filled with horizon.Poetry, you bet, eyebrows and eyes disorderly my square inch, all things from willing to sink.Painting, hand in hand, you said to put under the sleeve, BUT I found in the heart.◎ All things and I are absurd silence, now I miss you.◎ I have no power of love, except for you, except for you.I hold your hand and wander step by step.Dewdrops lie in the morning, and the sun falls in delusion.Walking in the green grass, holding the breeze, to the end, the street lamp drunk, pouring dizzy figure.Can it rain?That’s the wind I kissed.We came before we knew it, and then we disappeared.I put you place, called hometown.◎ I long for faded wind and frost can still stand hand in hand with the two people;I long for the love that keeps on giving and is still alive while being washed and pondered by time.I am no longer young, flighty, restless, childish.I want to be a lover that you can really rely on.- best qiu jin “Montmartre letter” does the text/wing “drunk” loneliness is hiding in the bushes in the shadow of so many empty serving under no clouds of the sky belongs to me a person’s feeling – blew cold coffee leaves persistent drowned all the childish and capricious sprout reason wilderness, indifference and waking autumn waters with thin cream across the seasonal mutual recognition of each scholar – reluctant to winter snowWe are all waiting for that belongs to the snow world of romance the same fate meet all love in the common breath – heartache cannot be insipid abandon the in the mind is quiet departure season the arrival of you let me have the disorder of blurred it is winter at home but in your world filled with the fragrance of spring when you haven’t appeared, my life is calm,Swagger, ready to know what is going on.Now panic, cowardly, like the ice melt spring water, first-class flow to you.◎ Time, endless time, heavy, profound.I will wait for you until all is quiet.– Andrade love Fire in WaterPrior to the moon in the footsteps of carrying the night quietly rolled out until the dark green street lights up the concrete according to the white – I like in such a dialogue with the stars of the night is the echo of the all the letters I was quiet night spoil children snow is that lifts up happy adults warm hidden in the back of the snow – to such as a flower I followed the direction of the light look tirelesslySilent growth in order to wait for a snow to come to me in the intersection of seasonal replacement full of obsession to meet fragrance in order to wait for a girl to wake up a period of time holding fireworksCrazy when the whole world in towards the ultimate goal so I just leave a moment just see instantaneous can always perseveres to run to you – the mayan, “so I have” the secret of the spring “text/people-oriented the wind light cloud finely RiNuan fiber urgent desire language cloud on the early bud and the low one tree feelings and feelings were going spring vertical swaying in dribs and drabs are spring breeze – booster auspicious meaning◎ With you or not with you is the scale of my time.Some day I shall sing to thee in the morning light of another world: “I have seen thee before in the light of the earth, in the love of man.”– Rabindranath Tagore “Stray Birds” ◎ “The Partridges in the Sky xijiang Pavilion”Tidal swallows fly to the north group, sha Jin how many fish rice incense.Xu Feng flow, willow branches ashamed, twilight cicada smoke thin to dusk.Dip river trace a life, meet perishable who knows?I just need to talk to someone.Not anyone else, just you.I want to spend the day with you and talk about something.I don’t mind standing next to you doing the dishes, dusting next to you, and when you read the front half of the newspaper, I’ll read the back half.– Jeanette Winterson The flowers in the Plum Garden were red yesterday just like peach blossoms smiling in the spring breeze.You are one of a kind.Your uniqueness makes me helpless.◎ You are different, one, soft, clean, the same sky;You are my warm gloves, cold beer, shirt with the smell of sunshine, day after day dream.How can the new moon tell you I alone pillow night keep you without, your words don’t pick worth while I really like you like you laugh like you plain appearance, like you bloom all, all the moon hanging hollow cage rime falling and recall that day in a hurry I vacant confide in you love fuzzy……Love lit the candle halo light fumigated the boat this fishing lamp carrying you do not know this can be the way back?There is a very lovely person in the world, this person is looking at this article, really envy these words, thousands of mountains and rivers, I see you.Love has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s the sweetness of your heart. Be the person you want to be.It’s never too late these love words, artistic and beautiful, there is always a sentence you want to give to the ta in your heart spring breeze, scattered, a few pools of stars I am here, waiting for flowers,Original poetry to you return the author | | a wind tree/Adam – wang said han qing/Hlove wangya hui/spring qing/seventy-two lane/yung-an-lee/people-oriented/day Chen/jiangnan love/yangxin county (except poetry in this paper Quoted sentence sentence is from the signature and the unnamed source invasion delete Thank you for being good) drawing| SUN a tan (a poem is authorized original handwritten) (most grateful) in this paper, as the original, please do not copy without permission. Plagiarism will investigate ╭ ❤ ~ thank you for your reading, love you.With every “like” you click, my heart opens one more flower