Zhang Shengbin: Try my best to protect my “family”

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“We are very comfortable in his” this is something Xiong Yue BaYuJuan district town of tian mountain view area the wishes of the owners and their mouth “he” is the field of view something mountain village property manager, zhang ShengBin since March 13, zhang ShengBin and property staff has been hold position in village, they cooperate with yicheng overnight community investigation personnel contact information.The investigation work is meticulous and complicated, requiring patient explanation and communication.This time, Zhang Shengbin can not remember how many phone calls he made, but he kept in mind: this is his “big family”, but also his battlefield, must do a good “goalkeeper”!He led the property staff to eat and live in the community, regardless of day and night, epidemic prevention and elimination, garbage cleaning, transport supplies…Zhang’s daily “to-do list” is full:Cooperate with the community to carry out the investigation and the nucleic acid detection, and every day at 9 am and 4 PM to lead staff for garbage pickup disinfection, the corridor, unit door handles, no dead Angle disinfection including septic tanks, a bit of time have to popularize knowledge of epidemic prevention within the owner group, busy these also patrol the park, returned to the office to rest it was already late,At this time also have to think about the owners of the problem has not fallen.Zhang Shengbin, Yatian Guanshan Jiajing Property Manager: “Our property staff is not many, but the division of labor is clear.We didn’t ask for volunteers, we didn’t bother with community workers, other communities needed volunteers more than we did.We had to carry out all-round disinfection twice a day for the interior of the community, and carried out meticulous disinfection for the key control unit. After this circle, my colleagues and I were soaked through our clothes.My colleagues don’t care about effort or reward. They just keep going.”A few days ago, a sudden snowstorm, snow into ice in the community.In order to ensure the safety of the owners when they went downstairs to take nucleic acid tests, Manager Zhang led the staff to clear the snow early in the morning, and then organized everyone to take nucleic acid tests. He also led the medical staff to conduct nucleic acid tests for the owners who stayed at home and whose actions remained unchanged.Zhang Shengbin, Property manager, Yatian Guanshan Jiajing, said, “There are many old people and children in our community. I have to ensure the safety of the owners at this critical time.Every owner in this community is like my family, they are very cooperative with my work, including my colleagues, some of whom are older than me, but they are never tired.I miss my family and my children too, but I know I’m needed here more.I don t know how to express myself. I just want to do my best to protect my family.