With the exception of Milan, we didn’t win anything we deserved and we didn’t draw anything we deserved

2022-07-06 0 By

Milan aside, last night’s top-of-the-table clash in Serie A went as expected, with the only problem being verona’s home defeat to Napoli, which the referees played in an unsavoury way.With Atalanta’s quality, it would have been easy to beat Genoa, but the hosts played poorly, were kept clean and drew again as Atalanta moved further away from fourth place.Inter’s expected 1-1 draw in Turin will see them lose their lead with a game in hand, leaving them four points behind leaders Milan on 59 points with a game in hand.Udinese are now eight points clear of the relegation zone after a draw at home to roma.Verona played very well at home but conceded a goal in each half to Napoli:Trailing 2, Verona came back to score in the last 20 minutes, but the referee gave them an important blow in the 80th minute, sending off a man to put an end to a flood of Verona attacks that would have at least equalised if not for the controversial yellow card, to deny Napoli the summit.The next round of big three opponents, home game against fiorentina, inter milan against cagliari, Naples home match against udinese, predict inter is a draw, napoli could lose, 90% had poor state of cagliari, milan will lead to four points, moving towards the first league title in 10 years.