Two women were detained for 10 days for stealing 175 public green plants from the riverside of Suzhou, Shanghai

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In mid-January 2022, Shanghai Jing ‘an police received a report that a large number of newly planted nurseries were being pulled out of a public green space near the Changshou Road Bridge beside Suzhou River.After the woman received the report, the police immediately launched an investigation, and soon through the surrounding public area surveillance found that two middle-aged women had been in and out of the green space, acting suspiciously.In order to strengthen the management of the area during the investigation, the police reported the situation to relevant departments and surrounding businesses and households, reminding the public to help strengthen the collection of clues.At 10am on January 14th, property security called to report that two middle-aged women suspected in the police report appeared again. Jing ‘an Tianmu West Road police station immediately organized the police to the scene.After the police found two suspects were checked, the two suspects at this time fumbling, flustered, after the police on the two people’s belongings for inspection, found that there are a large number of nurseries on the back of the snakeskin bag, then took further processing.After the stolen plants came to the institute, the two suspects confessed to stealing public greenery for personal gain.According to the investigation, the suspect Guo, tong mou department to Shanghai workers, because have not found a stable job, they hit the public green nursery idea.In early January, two people failed to find a job, passing suzhou river to see a lot of beautiful nursery, temporarily decided to carry out the first theft, ready to sell these seedlings for money, after hearing that the value of this batch of hydrangea seedlings is not cheap, two people decided to steal again on January 14, intent to “get a sum” after returning home for the New Year.However, in the process of the second crime, that is, was found by the nearby people, was arrested by the public security organs.”In the process of questioning, both of them said that they did not know the theft of public green suspected of illegal, legal awareness is very weak.”The case undertook Xiao Zhihao said.Classics check, pilfer altogether 175 strains public green plant, classics belong to municipal afforestation branch appraisal, all is the hydrangea seedling that grows recently, according to be in charge of the person in charge of watching this public green space Shao master introduction, pilfer this batch of flower seedling has not germinated, market price varies from a few yuan to ten thousand yuan, but light arranges this green space cost namely tens of thousands of yuan.Stolen green plants in this regard, the police also reminded the general public, do not steal green plants for profit, not only against social ethics, more likely to violate the bottom line of the law, beautiful green, good environment needs every citizen to care together.At present, illegal suspects Guo, Tong has been jing ‘an police administrative detention for 10 days, the case is still under further investigation.At the same time, Jing ‘an police will actively coordinate with the landscape department to increase the publicity of safety prevention in the area of green belt, garden and other areas, and gradually form an early warning mechanism to ensure the safety of public green space and jointly create a more comfortable urban green environment.Responsible editor: Gao Wen Proofread: Zhang Liangliang source: