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At present the hottest section: real estate, medicine (Traditional Chinese medicine), seed industry, port shipping, hotel low can bargain buy can not chase up: finance, banks, brokerages, old infrastructure, Chinese characters, iron and steel, building materials, construction, media entertainment.Playing board is generally divided into three types of board: 1. The first board is high open and high, and the shrinkage of the high board.The possibility of high open the next day is very large, but it is easy to become the main mode of high shipment in the second day.The next day could easily be harvest mode.2. The first board is general, repeatedly open or seal the board, change the hand height.The second day high open and quantity, this kind of board can be bought in the second day set bidding, here the board with volume pull up, high participation rate, more active.3. The main control plate is a board, the main control plate is powerful.If it is a demon, the second day was suddenly nuclear, is normal.Then see dragon tiger list is often hit by hot money.4 do bibcock do not miscellaneous hair, especially the first trading dragon one.Try not to follow suit.Why do dragon heads?Monster stocks are the best way to achieve financial freedom, especially in China’s stock market.The hardest thing about a bear market is a broad decline.1. Pay attention to the four to five board stocks, five board into the demon.This time is also the most severe divergence of time, this time I can tap the second wave.2. How to put me in the second wave depends on whether the theme can be continued, significant good news, or institutions or hot money intervention.3. The dragon head is easy to be chased up near the 5th day line, best near the 18th day line.If you fall below the 18-day line, you must leave.At this time also have to look at the amount of energy, volume up shrinkage callback, at this time the turnover rate at least 25% or so.There is a high can not explode a huge amount.