Qingxiu District will add 28 schools 29,000 degrees in 3 years, sanan Xiti many high-quality schools!

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On January 27th, Qingxiu District held a news briefing to promote the high-quality development of basic education.In order to better solve the hot and difficult problems such as the lack of high-quality education resources in the new urban area, the shortage of academic degrees in some areas, and the shortage of public preschool education resources, Qingxiu District plans to promote the construction of new schools for three years.At least 28 new schools, with 29,340 new degrees, will open within three years, the conference said.At least 7 junior high schools, 7 primary schools and 14 kindergartens have been put into use in Qingxiu District.The name of Kaitai Road primary school will be tentatively set as The Kaitai Campus of Guiya Road Primary School, and the name of Kaitai Road Middle school will tentatively set as the fifth junior middle school of Qingxiu District.At present, guiya road primary school has guiya road primary school Guiya Road school district, Guiya road primary school planning road campus, plus the newly added Guiya road primary school Kaitai campus, Guiya road primary school has a total of 3 campuses.It is worth paying attention to that The Kaitai campus of Guiya Road primary School is settled in the three Banks through the form of branch school, once the “three without” plate, business, education is gradually realized in.As the first echelon of supporting education, Qingxiu District is full of high quality schools, whether it is Fengling North, ASEAN Business District or qingxiu old town.In recent years, with the arrival of major housing enterprises, the number of buildings under construction in the Three Banks has been increasing year by year. In recent years, with the delivery of real estate, educational resources are in short supply, and school construction is imminent. This conference will promote the improvement of educational supporting facilities in the three Banks and solve the current situation of educational resources in the three Banks.Up to now, Nanning Education Bureau shows that in the fall semester of 2021, there will be 22 public primary and secondary schools in Nanning, providing about 40,400 degrees.A total of 26 public kindergartens have been opened, offering about 8,640 degrees.According to incomplete statistics of Leju, there are 11 new schools in nanning’s main urban area, including 7 primary schools, 4 middle schools and 1 kindergarten.The primary School of Cuizhu Experimental School will start enrollment in autumn 2021 and plans to enroll a total of 6 classes of the first grade. The middle school is expected to enroll in autumn 2022.The school is the second nine-year compulsory education school directly under the Education bureau of Nanning, following the Tiantao Experimental School.Nanning 36th Middle School has a history of 62 years and is a model high school in nanning. The newly completed Jiangnan campus covers an area of 149.01 mu. The construction and use of the school greatly alleviates the lack of educational resources in The Jiangnan Shajing area.Article source: Leju buy a house