Potala Palace Police station: protect the peace of all families

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Tourists from Yushu, Qinghai province, enjoy themselves in front of the Potala Palace square during the Spring Festival.I jin Ciren our reporter Photograph “Lausanne old ba, to;Wan Zhimin, to;Dawa Tsering, go to…”With the first rays of sunshine in the morning, the potala Palace square in Lhasa rang out the first loud sound.Roll call is the first “task” of potala Palace police station every day.Even during the Spring Festival, every morning at 8:30, the auxiliary police here are still in line to greet the coming warm sun on the Snowy Plateau and welcome the new day.I think of my parents all the more on a fair festival dayDuring the Spring Festival, the topic of homesickness and affection is always difficult to open, which is the deepest experience in the body of the police Wan Zhimin.Wan Zhimin, from Hengyang, Hunan province, came to Lhasa in 2009 for joining the army and became a people’s policeman two years later after passing the civil service exam.Since he joined the Potala Palace police station in 2011, he has spent nine Spring Festivals in the station in the past 11 years.”Every year when I go out on patrol, I feel a little sad when I see people talking and laughing and enjoying themselves.”Wan Zhimin told reporters that sometimes in the duty encountered the legs of the old man, the old mother, he caught up with the time to help, the mind will emerge the figure of parents…However, “one day wearing a police uniform means 24 hours on duty”. Just after the interview, Wan Zhimin hurried out and began patrolling the crossing again…In his heart, to protect the peace of one party, as much as blood is thicker than water!The year 2022 is awang Tashi’s 11th year as a police officer and his 11th year on duty during the Spring Festival.What makes him a regular on duty during the Spring Festival?”My family lives in Lhasa and can get together with them after work every day.”It’s not easy for other colleagues, especially those from other provinces, to see their families.”Awang Tashi said.So, every year to the end of the duty schedule, he always take the initiative to ask for duty, leave the opportunity to others.Awang tashi besides leave, be in post almost every day, feel very indebted to the home, especially wife.In 2011, he and shannan girl Rabazhuoga met, married, but his wife far in Nyalam County work, the two long-term separation, a year to see less than a few times, Rabazhuoga two pregnancy, childbirth, just catch up with Awang Tashi mission.The only time he has visited his wife in 11 years of marriage was last year when he went on leave.When he first saw his wife busy at work, the man’s eyes welled up…Wearing the party badge on his chest and police badge on his head, standing guard, patrolling and going through security check, Awang Tashi did not fall behind — in these 11 special festivals, he was “absent” again and again in the family, but again and again appeared in the scene of duty.”Spring Festival duty is heavy, how can there be a dreamer!”Compared with the young police, the New Year for wang Yongpu, the stationmaster, does not seem to be too touched.In the past ten years since he was a police officer, he could count on one hand the number of times he went back to his hometown of Yunnan for the Spring Festival, but what he remembered most was two times: one was to visit his dying father and the other was to send his son back to his hometown.However, the reporter heard his true feelings: “The closer the Spring Festival approaches, the more urgent the mood of homesick, sometimes back from patrol, take time to play a video home, see the old mother, see the children, the heart warm.”What is the Spring Festival like in the station?Wang suddenly became interested and introduced to the reporter: “Every time at this time, the Tibetan brothers bring dried meat, yogurt, han brothers a whole pot of stew, police station ‘family’ together to have a New Year’s Eve dinner, also to contact the relationship, very good.”In this peaceful and peaceful New Year’s Eve, the “blue uniforms” in the Potala Palace square, do not relax station.At this moment, their spirit of “giving up a small home for everyone” is as lofty and sacred as the Potala Palace in front of them.Source: Xizang Daily