Out of fashion for going out in winter is the “umbrella skirt”, but more fashionable is the “hip skirt”, which is elegant and slimming

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Most of us love dresses regardless of season, even in winter, romantic and elegant hemlines or dresses.However, go out in winter, we do not always wear umbrella skirt, most of the umbrella skirt although hidden meat show thin, but the style is more old-fashioned, and is not suitable for matching too thick short coat, long coat.Choosing a skirt that covers the bottom doesn’t have these problems.This form-fitting hip-hugging dress not only accentuates your figure, but also shows off your elegance.This winter, out of fashion to wear “umbrella skirt”, “buttock skirt” is more fashionable, so wear elegant and slimming, let’s take a look!One, when choosing skirt of bag buttock, should proceed with from what respect?Wrap buttock skirt to point to the skirt outfit design of edition model slender body roughly, its edition model, color, length even design has a lot of change, make the style nature that comes out is different.For middle-aged women, when choosing a hip skirt, we should pay attention to some key points.1. Start from material With the development of fashion, most dresses have become diversified in material, and are no longer limited to a certain kind of fabric.Like advocate advocate the wrap buttock skirt that slender body sends tightly, qualitative also limits to suit no longer, knit material pledges, although be in winter, the public also has a lot of choice, the skirt that wraps buttock of the skirt that pledges like bud silk, wool wraps buttock, wrap buttock skin skirt or acetic acid wraps buttock skirt.For older but slender women, try knitting or lace for a more feminine and toned look this winter.2, start from color dress color is one of the factors that most affect the effect of wearing.In addition to choosing a skirt based on age, consider the material used in the skirt.Generally speaking, light colored or colored skirts are more suitable for women who want to add a fresh feel to their outfit.If you’re in your 40s, switch to coffee, camel or black for a more intellectual look.Another is the material, knitted material suitable for choosing beige, coffee color, acetic acid skirt recommended to choose low saturation color or gold camel.3, although the version of the hip skirt is mainly slim and tight, but in addition to the hip skirt or hip and knee skirt, there are such a wide hip fish skirt skirt.This kind of dress is relatively difficult to handle, but the most elegant and romantic qualities of a person, with a short jacket or coat, light ripe feeling.Two, how to match the hip skirt of different styles?Bag buttock skirt design is different, besides visual effect differs somewhat outside, also differ on collocation.1, grid bag buttock skirt pure color bag buttock skirt is mostly more practical, do not need to consider the comparison of single product style, and grid bag buttock skirt is more retro literature and art, to wear this kind of skirt in winter can promote elegant temperament.But the coat must choose pure color, from pure color sweater to pure color coat, down jacket, can make the dress presents a complicated and simple effect, romantic not complex.2, knitting buttock skirt knitting buttock skirt is mostly used to shape gentle and amiable female image, the whole is very feminine, the most important thing in collocation is to reduce the number of colors.Especially for the inside, try to use pure color style that belongs to the same color as the knitted skirt to make it easier to wear a good figure.3, vents cover buttock skirt worry about buttock skirt is too sexy women, in addition to the choice of buttock leather skirt, can also try superposition slit design style.Being looser than the usual style, these dresses can look more comfortable and intellectual.We also have a lot of choices on shoes, besides shallow mouth shoes, short boots, a pair of boots can also be dressed to give more warm meaning.Hip skirt in shaping elegant femininity has an advantage, but if you don’t want to wear a tacky feeling, then in the collocation should try to simple and generous.Most people are more upset about the collocation of sweater, always feel it is too ordinary, in fact, you can replace the umbrella skirt with hip skirt, the whole more gentle and intellectual.Since the sweater is knitted, consider stronger fabrics such as wool, leather or a suit for the dress.2. In addition to sweaters, some short coats with a little length under the waist line are also very in tune with hip skirts, such as short coats or short suits. The hip knee-length skirt with slit slit design is elegant and delicate.This one wears law to suit the mature woman that takes elegant intellectual route more, pull temperament full.Long coat is also very suitable for matching hip skirt to enhance personal charm, such as long vest, long down jacket or long coat, but in this combination, it is more recommended to choose the version of thin high waist over the knee hip skirt.These are the winter breech dresses we share, if you want to wear elegant and stylish, can refer to oh!This article by tiger brother original, pictures are from the network, if any infringement please contact delete, if need to reprint please indicate the source, plagiarism will be prosecuted!What to wear today