DOTA2: useless anti-cloaking trick

2022-07-06 0 By

DOTA2 has a combat log that displays combat information when no view is visible. The size of the battle log is similar to that of the halo skill, around 1200 yards, and the battle log is hidden, you know.What does this battle log do?You get the idea in the last couple of pictures.In ROSAN group battle, if there is no opposite view, do not know whether to fight opposite, how much ROSAN health, if I am a two-headed dragon, I put a skill outside.In the picture below, the battle log will update the battle data every second, and you will know exactly how much health each unit has.The second function is anti-gank, to prevent invisible heroes. If you have an aura item on you, or if you have an aura skill, it doesn’t matter whether you have an opposite view, an opposite fog, or an invisible unit coming to annoy you.Your battle log will show it, as shown in the image below. There is no view on the map, but the battle log will show it.So I guess you’ll never get caught, huh?And then the battle info has a general function, you go to the opposite field to capture people, even if there is no view, but also a message.You know…There are other features that I won’t mention.Just cut back and forth on the battle log while you’re playing.