Upgrade version “kill pig dish” more deceptive, Yan Yi Ran market operation mode exposure

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A few days ago, catch sales division released “women participate in Yan Ran project cost nothing? Product or related to benevolence and?”Article, the article on Ms. Liu was cheated experience of a simple introduction, from Ms. Liu’s experience, it should be encountered variant “kill pig dish.”From the previous article, we can clearly see that Ms. Liu’s cheating process went through the following three stages.1. Creating an “investment atmosphere” : Gong Lu claims to be single, approaches Ms. Liu in the name of making friends, and creates himself as a caring and enterprising person by bowing to Buddha.2. Build a group, infiltrate and guide investment projects: After gaining trust, build a group to share the so-called successful experience, and then launch the project known as the shortage of places to induce investment to join.After the money will show their true colors, continue to find targets to cheat.It can be seen that after several years of development, “Pig killing Pan” has been upgraded to a larger extent in the case of the same routine of fraud: luring victims to join in with a product or investment project as bait, and even setting up a company for this purpose, and drafting a “cooperation agreement”.Which makes it all the more confusing.According to the Preliminary Founder Cooperation Contract signed by Ms. Liu and Yan Yiran, Party A is Jiangxi Yan Yiran Trading Co., LTD.According to the data of Qichacha APP, Jiangxi Yan Yiran Trading Co., Ltd. was established on September 27, 2018, with 60% shareholding held by Gong Lu and 40% shareholding by Li Xiang.The person who contacted Liu and induced her to join called himself Gong Lu.According to the data of Qichacha APP, Jiangxi Yan Yiran Trading Co., LTD., formerly known as Jiangxi Dailei Trading Co., LTD., has a total of 13 member companies as the main company of Yan Yiran Trading co., LTD., among which 7 have cancelled the record, and there are 4 member risks and 2 historical risks.According to the materials provided by Ms. Liu, Yan Ran’s market operation mode is as follows.The agents are divided into three levels: Yan Yiran agent: 20,000 yuan, with a price of 288 yuan/box (take the red ginseng Cordyceps militaris Enzyme Solution Happy version with a retail price of 498 yuan as an example, the same below);Preliminary agent: 50,000 yuan, 258 yuan/box price;Co-founder: RMB 100,000 yuan, with a price of RMB 228 / box.Note: Only after RMB 20,000 can you become an authorized agent of Yan Yiran, and have the opportunity to participate in the company’s training, annual meeting and appointment, etc.2. Enjoy preferential dividends, benefits and rewards after listing.In addition, business incentives: individual annual sales of 3 million yuan (including the amount of purchases by subordinates), team annual sales of 5 million yuan (including the amount of purchases by subordinates), provincial annual sales of 8 million yuan (including the amount of purchases by subordinates) will be rewarded accordingly.According to article 7 of Chapter 2 of the Regulations on the Prohibition of pyramid Selling, the following acts are pyramid selling acts:(1) The organizer or business operator, through the development personnel, requires the development personnel to recruit other personnel, calculates and pays remuneration (including material rewards and other economic benefits, the same below) to the development personnel on the basis of the number of directly or indirectly rolling development personnel, and seeks illegal benefits;(2) The organizer or business operator seeks illegal profits by obtaining the qualification of joining in or promoting other persons to join in by asking the developing persons to pay fees or by purchasing commodities in a disguised form;(3) The organizer or business operator seeks illegal profits by requiring the developing personnel to recruit other personnel to join in, forming a relationship between the upper and lower lines, and calculating and paying online remuneration based on the sales performance of the lower lines.Besides provides allure extremely market operation pattern, YanYi ran its sales of products is also a full range of “packaging”, above the outer packing of the products of conspicuous position in the word “benevolence and” and trademarks, and is constantly in the process of propaganda “racketeer” renhe group, whether renhe group with hubei association still essentially unknown.It is worth mentioning that jiangxi Renren Health Industry Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of cordyceps militaris enzyme liquid. Its product is just a common plant fermented beverage, without health care or therapeutic effect.When “killing pig dish” and product, market operation mode combined, make it more deceptive and seductive, but its purpose is only one: empty your wallet.According to Ms. Liu, gong Lu and Yan Yiran have no hope now, the next step will be reported to the functional departments, relevant progress, catch sales division will continue to pay attention to the report.Article source: Catch pin division, hereby thank you!