To my surprise, China voted in favor of tedros’ reappointment as WHO Director-General

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In 2017, Who director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who was born in Africa, has been focusing his attention on malaria in Africa, inviting developed countries to do more to help less developed Countries in Africa. In 2020, when the global outbreak of COVID-19 broke out, Tedros first issued a warning.While calling for countries to learn more about China’s prevention and control measures, they have been urging developed countries not to stockpile too many vaccines and focus on addressing the uneven distribution of vaccines.It is worth mentioning that On the issue of traceability, Tedros mentioned three times to go to China, but China voted for it this time, showing the due style of a big country.Tam kung plug has been re-elected a foregone conclusion in five years of tam kung now also is about to usher in a new round of elections, in all countries, including China, dropped in favor of the article, only the tam kung plug a candidate for the election is a foregone conclusion, tam kung plug will be re-elected in May this year, this is a recognition of tam kung plug working abilities, 56, tam kung is quite excited,Frank will continue to serve the world in the following term, focusing on various health issues and bringing more positive effects to mankind.In the years since the COVID-19 outbreak, Tedros has traveled extensively to bring more momentum forward, pointing out that the COVID-19 virus can only be truly solved by eliminating international injustice.International unfair involves many aspects, such as medical supplies, or the vaccine, one of the best medical supplies, mostly concentrated in the developed countries and some western countries, have the ability to produce vaccines not only willing to grant aid, medical supplies, more reluctant to the vaccine available to other countries in need, even if they heap vaccines have been deposited in the warehouse.It is believed that In the next five years of his term, Tedros will still be able to do his job well and make more contributions to world health issues.The current global COVID-19 outbreak is not encouraging, but Tedros has previously said that it is likely to end by the end of 2022.This is not entirely true. Vaccination programmes are under way around the world, and while some countries do not have enough vaccine, countries that can afford it are beginning to help.In the face of the global COVID-19 outbreak, all countries should work together to fight the epidemic as soon as possible. You know, given the infectivity of COVID-19 virus, as long as there is a large number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in one country, the world will not be able to return to normal immediately. It is hoped that all countries can be more concerned about the COVID-19 epidemic.To beat the sudden onset of COVID-19.Source of partial information reference: bright net