Psychotropic drugs illegally prescribed by doctors were used for robbery

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Doctors wrote prescriptions of psychotropic drugs in violation of regulations without seeing patients or verifying them. The suspects bought clonazepam drugs with the prescriptions and used them for robbery.The procuratorial organs, based on the function of administrative public interest litigation, urged the administrative supervision departments to regulate the medical order.On March 15, the SPP released “March 15” typical cases of public interest litigation on food and drug safety by procuratorial organs, including the case of a doctor surnamed Wang who illegally prescribed prescription drugs.In May 2021, taiyuan railway transportation procuratorate found in handling criminal cases, a hospital doctor wang mou in not see patients, also not check, prescribe psychotropic drugs violations, the criminal suspect with the prescription drug clonazepam, used to rob criminal activities, hence report step by step to the Shanxi Province people’s procuratorate.On May 19, 2021, the Procuratorate of Shanxi Province found that the provincial Health Commission, as the competent department of the hospital, did not impose administrative punishment on the doctor Wang and other related personnel for illegally prescribing psychotropic drugs, so the case was filed for investigation.On May 21, the hospital to the provincial health commission served the “administrative public interest litigation facts confirmation”, urged the commission to wang and related personnel illegal behavior to perform supervision and management duties.On July 6, 2021 in Shanxi Province to the Shanxi Province people’s procuratorate WeiJianWei feedback, give the doctor wang mou involved shall be ordered to suspend 6 months practice of administrative penalty, the nurses ryu, li mou respectively given administrative punishment of warning concurrently impose a fine of ten thousand yuan, and within the scope of Shanxi Province has carried out a month-long narcotic and psychotropic drugs management special screening regulation of the activity,In total, 36,642 medical institutions were supervised and inspected, and 425 cases of various types were investigated and dealt with.It is difficult to ensure rational drug use by practicing physicians who issue prescription drugs in violation of regulations, and there are some hidden dangers of drug safety.In view of this problem, procuratorial organs can base on the function of administrative public interest litigation, timely consult with administrative organs, urge administrative organs to carry out special rectification, form a joint force of administrative law enforcement and judicial supervision, eliminate risks and hidden dangers endangering public interests, protect social public interests in accordance with the law.