Only broadcast 4 episodes, is soaring list champion, net friend: New Year’s first let me stay up late crazy chase comedy

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Although the Wind Rises, starring Jin Dong, has not been seen yet, it has successfully raised people’s expectations. The strong cast and the funny trailer suggest that this is a different kind of workplace comedy.It’s hard not to look forward to the contrast between the discomfiture jin Dong and Tian Yu, played by Song Jia as a sassy woman.The style of light comedy is more and more popular, although the current “Vertical Wind” has not been online, but by Liu Tao, Chen He and other powerful actors starred in the “Holiday Warm 2” has become the year’s most valuable a look at the light comedy.It’s only been four episodes so far, and it’s already rocketing to the top of the charts.From the point of the audience for the evaluation of the play, also is more attracted by its light comedy style, the plot content watched the above, let a person have a desire to want to continue, it is no wonder that net friend evaluation this is the first New Year let me stay up crazy chase comedy, 01, set sharp, story to clear warm holiday 2 content unequivocally the first four sets,Most of the main characters are quickly introduced, either through lines to introduce the next character, or to create more intersections between characters. So far, the main characters depicted in the play are the sons and daughters of the Cheng family.Although jiang Chao plays cheng Qiao, the eldest son, who has been on the scene for a short time, because of his conflict with his wife, he fully interprets the image of an ordinary middle-aged man with an honest face but a restless heart.In the process of quarreling with his wife over his old schoolmate, he keeps the character as down-to-earth as possible. He is a somewhat henpecked man.Liu Tao plays the eldest daughter Cheng Man is a strong woman in the venture capital industry, the play is a vigorous processing work at the beginning, when her venture capital report was leaked, Cheng Man also in the shortest time to find out the leak, which shows its careful.But although she is fine on the job, there is also a big piece of time in life, his ticket was changed by his daughter also do not know.Cheng Shu, played by Zhang Jiani, is beautiful and intelligent, but she lacks a good opportunity. It can be seen from her treatment of her staff that she is a very kind person.Clearly the chef cooking ability is not good, the service attitude of the service staff is not good enough, but she still affinity full marks.Cheng Xiao’s niece, Cheng Miao, has always been an excellent figure skater, but she has to give up the sport due to her aging and personal preference.However, from the early plot, Cheng Miao is an absolutely independent and sober person with a clear understanding of herself and a pleasant personality.It is precisely because of this clear character setting that the story of this drama is also clear. Although Cheng Buckwheat and his wife have emotional conflicts at the beginning, they will still focus on their daughter, and the subsequent depiction of Cheng Buckwheat will not be too long.Cheng Shu is met new feelings, and gradually slow down at work, cheng Shu is because met chef to solve the crisis of home stay, and harvest happy love.Although the ending of this drama is clear, the fun of the plot still makes the journey worth waiting for.02 actors acting online, Ni Dahong into the biggest bright spot cast is “Warm Holiday 2” a big bright spot, although compared to the previous work did not enable the original cast online again, but now the configuration is not lost the first.Liu Tao and strong woman’s suitability is still full marks, whether it is a dress to deal with the work, or after dealing with the problem of kongling Qi, can let a person feel her vigorous and resolute, but also because of speaking too straightforward and offend people.Man Jiang played Liu Tao’s ex-husband in the play, although is a singer, but have to say that man Jiang and this role also very fit, from the inside out out of the artist temperament let him look and Liu Tao played strong woman incompatible, but in the man jiang body and can see the soft side of the character warmth.Chen He’s performance is also brilliant, fully play their comedic talent, just an action an expression, can make people can’t help but laugh, it can be long in the audience’s laugh point.But the biggest bright spot in “Warm Holiday 2” is certainly Ni Dahong.After “All is well” ni Dahong although also appeared in a lot of plays, but most of them are supporting roles, in “Warm Holiday 2” his part obviously increased a lot, its father image although not so, but because of enough horizontal also very memory point.When appear a suit dress up domineering full, brandishing a whip easily solved the daughter home stay fund problem.But see in Ni Dahong body is not only a grumpy, there are funny side, especially his daughter like father and daughter like friends get along mode, easy and natural.Not only that, Ni Dahong is also the joke of the play, with the old opera bone’s wonderful acting, naturally became a plus for the play.This kind of quality comedy not only perfectly fits the atmosphere of the Spring Festival holiday, but also can really make workers relax their nerves and laugh easily!