One-stop second compensation in Zibo Expo high-tech hospital become a reality

2022-07-05 0 By

China Shandong network – Perception Shandong February 25 – the traditional commercial insurance claims process is cumbersome, not only time-consuming but also greatly increase the economic pressure of customers.Therefore, insurance claims “difficult” has been criticized by consumers…..”One-stop claim service” won a good reputation “save time, worry, basic can be said to be second compensation, our people to see a doctor is more and more convenient!”Mr. Liu (pseudonym), a discharged patient who had just completed the real-time claim settlement in The Expo High-tech Hospital, said excitedly.Not long ago, Mr. Liu was admitted to Expo High-tech Hospital because of illness. After the hospital staff learned that he had purchased Taikang Life insurance, they immediately took the initiative to apply for it at the hospital end of the National Insurance System.During my stay in the hospital, I assisted taikang Life Insurance staff to complete claim settlement procedures and information entry.When Mr. Liu was discharged from hospital in mid-February, the staff of Expo High-tech Hospital immediately applied for insurance settlement in the relevant system after handling the discharge procedures.After a few simple operation steps, patients will enjoy convenient and efficient instant “second compensation”.Around for out of hospital procedures of the public to see this scene, have discussions: “how so convenient claims?All said to buy insurance easy, difficult claims, can not think of in the Hospital of high-tech Expo business insurance claims!”Comprehensive quality improvement, user-friendly service Why can let the public “stay in hospital” enjoy such a fast, convenient “five-star one-stop service”?We need to start more than four months ago.In October 2021, Shibo High-tech Hospital and Taikang Life Insurance Zibo Branch Reached the “National Health Insurance” project cooperation.Taikang Life insurance customers only need to put on record with Taikang Life Insurance by phone or wechat when they are hospitalized, and they can settle insurance claims when they are discharged from hospital, truly achieving no application, zero waiting and claim settlement upon discharge.All for the patients, to solve the patients’ worries, with the comprehensive implementation of “National Health Insurance” in the Expo high-tech Hospital, greatly reduced the time cost and economic pressure of patients, the hospital has become a multi-channel to solve the “difficult to see a doctor, expensive to see a doctor” a positive exploration, is an important breakthrough to serve patients, improve the medical experience.Both medical insurance and medical insurance serve patients. Strengthening industry collaboration is an important way to improve medical insurance management and service efficiency.In 2022, as world expo “enhancing the comprehensive quality of high and new hospital, the hospital will be in improving medical level, improved medical experience, optimize the efficiency of medical management aspects of the innovation, the promotion at the same time, continue to push forward all-round cooperation and exploration, medical and insurance provide citizens with more convenient, more high quality double shuangyou service, to promote collaborative play a positive role in medical treatment and insurance industry.