Lingbi County held the “low-carbon travel helmet area” safe cycling cherish life and traffic safety 10,000 people pledged to sign the activity

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On February 14, Lingbi county held an activity to advocate “low-carbon travel, a helmet area” safe cycling, cherish life and traffic safety.This activity is sponsored by the car industry group immediately, Lingbi County traffic management law enforcement brigade undertook, aimed at the whole society to advocate “low-carbon travel, helmet belt”, called on people to abide by the traffic laws and regulations, timely handling of electric vehicle license, safe riding, cherish life.Subsequently, the participants and lingcheng citizens participated in the traffic safety million people commitment signature activity.Citizens who actively participate in the signature will be given electric vehicle safety helmets on site.Lingbi traffic police Yueyang Lingbi traffic police Yueyang said: “Lingbi county traffic control brigade on the public welfare activities, advocating” low-carbon travel, helmet area “, safe riding, cherish life.At the same time, Lingbi county traffic management brigade appeals to the general public, March 1 before the timely handling of electric vehicle license, abide by traffic laws and regulations, do civilized citizens.Then immediately bike group also with lingbi traffic law enforcement, organized more than 10 minivan, use of car body advertisement and loudspeakers to in-depth lingbi, urban and rural areas to carry out the “low carbon travel and a helmet,” focus on propaganda activities, distributing electric vehicle registration instructions and online transaction process page flyer and civilized traffic safe travel bag, welcomed by the masses of the people generally.Ma Wei, in charge of Northern Anhui area of Ma Car Group, said: “Ma car appeals to the general public must be low-carbon travel, choose two-wheel vehicles, must be equipped with safety helmets, safe riding, cherish life.”Reporter: Make public editor: Zhou Minjie review: Wang Hui final appeal: Yin Rubing