Get robbed by your tutor after working so hard to write a paper?Don’t let your bylines become a pain for the students

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It is not a trivial matter that youth comment infringes upon students’ right of authorship.As a graduate student, worked hard to do the experiment for several years, the final results have nothing to do with their own;I cooperated with my tutor on a project and worked hard from beginning to end, but I couldn’t even get my name in the end.For a long time, all kinds of infringement on the rights and interests of students’ academic signature are the “hidden pain” in the hearts of many university postgraduates.In the dual relationship of “tutor – student”, students are always in the weak position.Some misbehaving tutors treat students as free “academic contractors”.Affected students often lack effective ways to protect their rights, and even remain silent for fear of being “sabotaging” in graduation and job hunting.The Research ethics Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has issued a notice to standardize the list of negative behaviors concerning the attribution of academic works, the China Youth Daily reported on February 18.The notice lists 7 types of negative behavior of signing academic works, among which article 7 specifically regulates the behavior of infringing students’ right of authorship.Cas researchers “shall not infringe upon the basic right of authorship of graduate students who directly carry out scientific experiments” and “shall not arbitrarily adjust students’ signature and signature position in order to balance other non-academic interests”, the notice said.Once a person has any behavior listed in the negative list, the corresponding responsible unit will carry out an investigation, identify and deal with it according to the specific facts and relevant circumstances, and hold the person responsible for the behavior that seriously violates the requirements of scientific research integrity for life.As China’s highest academic institution for natural science, the regulations issued by cas can only restrict the researchers under its supervision, but they undoubtedly have certain guiding significance for China’s academic community.Infringement of students’ right of authorship can be specifically included in the negative list of academic work signature issues, and “lifelong accountability” is emphasized, indicating that in the eyes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this is not a trivial matter, but a serious academic misconduct.In the scientific research system, there are a large number of graduate students, but their experience and knowledge generally need to be honed, and they may not stay in the academic circle in the future, and their contribution may be limited.However, even if students only do “hard work” such as repeating experiments, collecting data and sorting out documents, the fruits of their intellectual labor should be fully respected.For a paper, a monograph, a project, no matter how small contribution, should be respected and recognized.Tutors who violate students’ right of authoration are either deliberately trying to take credit for the student’s work or simply not taking the student’s contribution seriously.The former is nothing less than plagiarism, while the latter is full of the arrogance that comes with the power of the mentor.Whatever the motivation, such behavior should be unanimously rejected by the academic community.All academic institutions take the initiative to show their attitude of strict punishment and accountability to the end, which can not only deter researchers and suppress the idea of those with ulterior motives, but also encourage those students who have been harmed to stand up bravely and take action to protect their rights.In some cases, whether or not a graduate student can be named in a particular academic work may be related to his or her future, and may also have a great impact on his or her financial interests.At this time, how to sign for students, how to determine the order of signature, is not casually said to be able to deceive the past.There are also times when a student has little stake in a particular work, but even then, it is still a matter of dignity and dignity for the student to be able to put his or her name on the work.In order to protect the practical interests of students, it is of great significance to strengthen the protection of students’ right of authorship.Now, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has issued regulations to make clear standards for this, and major academic institutions might as well timely follow up to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of students.Article/Yang Xinyu editor/Ren Guanqing Produced by China Youth Daily · China Youth Network