Big stick MAO manic monkey urgently ask: “four oil, did you see bean flower?”

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Out of such a big thing, the small mute is no longer back to Zhangjiawan, can not be her nine bags to go.But she missed that place, really reluctant to give up her brothers, secretly back to Zhangjiawan, although she can no longer be a beggar in Zhangjiawan, but must and the brothers to say goodbye.She was filled with rage. What a world!She was forced to become a beggar because she had no fixed abode, no food to eat, no life to go on, and now she is still not enough to eat and wear warm, bullied by people, oppressed by people, but forced her even beggars can not do!Invisible, small mute to the city God’s temple, saw Tianlinggai, then help the Lord’s position is not Tianlinggai, small mute told TianLinggai, the eight road is he saved, he can’t stay in Zhangjiawan a day, he may go to start another life, the brothers will rely on him in the future.Tianling cover is reluctant to give up, but they also have no way, Zhangjiawan is now the world of small devils, lv Rende Lu master for the tiger, they are the poorest people in the society, like a small ant, as long as anyone moves a finger, can let them be crushed to pieces.Small mute handle beggars brothers of the last thing, return to the stone cave, and bean flower elder sister get along with three days, then follow black old CAI walked.In these three days that get along with dou Hua elder sister, ever had a small episode.Is the first night, the little mute mood depressed, three people in the cargo brother live in the stone room inside stay very late, to go to bed, cargo brother let bean flower alone a room, small mute and he in the stone room inside make up for a night, bean flower said: “I sleep with the small mute, we go to take a bath first.”Listen to bean flower so say, the cargo lang elder brother serious, say: “small mute age also big, the truth that men and women are not close to each other has since ancient times, you two total bath is really indecent, not quite appropriate.”Bean flower smiled, the flower branch of smile chaos quiver, laugh goods lang elder brother puzzling.Without douhua’s “translation”, the dumb girl could not understand what they were saying, nor what sister was laughing at. So she stood up and stretched herself, put her face to the mouth of the hole and “ow” cried twice, then turned around and fell into the arms of the cargo brother.Cargo Lang elder brother hands hold a small mute, not by ground lose voice “ah” 1.Bean flower also “ah” 1.The small mute also “ah” 1.Bean flower “ah” that 1, it is to worry about small mute pressed goods Lang elder brother’s wound.The cargo brother “ah” 1, is just when he held the little mute that moment, touched the chest two soft things, a little surprised, a little puzzled, how?Small dumb “ah” 1, because of his soft things by goods lang elder brother touch, she grow so big, this is the first person, or a man, touch her soft, so she shy.Their faces were red as monkeys, and they both stood bewildered. Fortunately, there was no light in the chamber, and only the moonlight streaming through the circular hole hid their embarrassment.Cargo Lang elder brother probably understood dou hua to say that reason, say: “early rest.”No longer insist on the suggestion that the dumb kid sleep with him.Dou Hua said: “little mute she is a woman.”Cargo lang elder brother “oh” 1, wave a hand, let them two early rest.Dou Hua and the little mute out of the stone room, and suddenly remembered what like, back, said: “Cargo Lang elder brother, no, no, for the people comrade, the little mute is going to start another kind of life, there is no formal name, also can’t always call the little mute, you help her up a name.When I was her age, I had no name. People always called me Little Flower. My father-in-law gave me the name Douhua.”Cargo lang elder brother thought for a while, say: “I see call party freshman.”Douhua did not understand the meaning of the name at that time, until several years later, she gradually understood the weight of the three words.Bean flower will “tell” the small mute, from now on, she does not call the small mute, she called the party freshmen!She didn’t have to dress as a man, she was a proper aunt!The little mute “listen” later, excited, she “ah ah ah” to sign, dancing, bean flower to cargo Lang brother did “translation”, the little mute just “said”, she is a woman, she also had her own name, she called the new party!The next day, douhua got up early in the morning, to the little mute is shampoo, is cut hair, take off her chest wrapped for several years of cloth, as far as possible to dress her girl direction.Through this pour orderly, bean flower just discovers, small dumb also is so so carry a handsome woman originally.So that to pick up her walk of the black CAI, surprised of the mouth, this is black chicken changed phoenix!It’s raining shooting stars!Black CAI stared at the mute for a long time, how do not believe that this is true, and he locked the sewer, as quick as a monkey clever ghost, turned out to be a woman dressed as a man Mulan.Besides, bachelor four oil, excitedly back to the millet field, all the way he was thinking about how to mention the bean flower to the old millet, whether to beat his son of a little cigarette paste.The old millet of dog day, since the bean flower followed his nephew to have ambition to go, like changed a person appearance, crazy not to say, also often in the middle of the night a cow howl like moo, put its thing to see than the penis are tight, don’t say to smoke his once big tobacco cream son, is to smoke his bag of dry tobacco pot are difficult.Today was a rare opportunity. I had to knock him at all costs. Hearing the news, I was so happy.When you returned to the millet field, it was nearly evening and Lao Jiu was marrying Big Stick.The team to welcome the new daughter-in-law has just entered the village, this is the custom here, married back to the new daughter-in-law can not see the sun.At this time, the loud suona rang through the millet field, and the familiar crossing sign excited every villager’s dull heart.Sorghum straw made of torch, lit up half the village, also lit up the villagers that regret dark mood.Since the devil came to Zhangjiawan, millet ground no longer so lively.All the villagers rushed to help, sweep the street, stick couplets, fried oil cake, pressure hele noodles, everyone beaming, to share the hard-won joy.Old millet is carrying a large bucket of water, swaying leisurely, two buckets, regularly swinging, the shoulder was pressed “creaking” to ring.Old millet step by step, the pace is not xu not disease, steady when the water poured into Lao Jiu that a big urn.Today, he was assigned to carry water, originally let him carry water with four oil, but the grey ghost did not see him a day, do not know where he died.This grey devil, he does not earn, but eats for nothing. Look at him, he will come and eat for nothing at the table.Old Millet and Lao jiu because of douhua, make two people some discord, usually do not have too much contact, especially after Douhua left, he to Lao Jiu, and his son’s dissatisfaction with the stick day by day.But in matters of red and white he had to help, and he had to give back what had been done to him.At least for the sake of appearances.A new couple worship heaven and earth, and then worship parents, such as the introduction of single bridal chamber, relatives can sit open.Old Millet poured water into the jar and took a seat.He is not important; no one has a seat for him.Sure enough, he just sat down, four oil gathered together in front of him, also picked a position, sitting on the opposite side of the old millet, said with a cheeky smile: “Brother, give a piece of tobacco cream, to addiction.”Old millet “bah” him one mouthful, said: “you are a gray ghost, when doing business without you, when eating dinner you come.If you want a cigarette, look for it in the cottage.”Four oil not angry, more unbridled open, say: “don’t give is, that you can’t regret, I also don’t tell you.”Old millet said: “You dog mouth can not spit ivory, can have anything good.”Four oil ask: “true don’t listen?”The old millet said, “No!”Four oil say: “don’t listen to pull to,” the bean flower give him that knife meat in front of the old millet sway sway, turn around and talk to liuliuniang.Sixty-six niang gave four oil a wink, ask him: “which come of meat?”Four oil deliberately low voice, but specifically let the old millet heard, he said: “bean flower, bean flower know it is bean flower to me.””I went to Zhangjiawan today,” he said. “I met douhua at the door of a drugstore.”Said, also did not forget to the old millet this head glance up.Old millet heard four oil in the “bean flower”, the ears to listen carefully.Four oil but don’t go down to say, again dirty don’t collapse to 66 niang say: “this knife meat fill solution solution greedy for za baby, tonight remember to leave the door.”Liu Liu niang smiles and puts the meat into her arms and says: “You are dead, you can come earlier.”Old millet inadvertently listen to these two flirting, the idea is all in the “bean flower” two words, it seems that this grey ghost is really met bean flower.Also regardless of their own face, moved to the front of four oil, their own dry tobacco pot passed over, a little fawning said: “I say four oil brothers, today is to go to Zhangjiawan market to come?”Four oil said: “It’s none of your business whether to go or not?Don’t smoke your pot.”Old millet pile under smiling face, a fawning appearance, said: “finish eating dinner, finish eating dinner to my house, give you take out two.”Four oil turn anger for smile, say: “this return almost yao.”Turned around, is facing the old millet, said: “I today in Zhangjiawan really met douhua, that knife meat is she cut to me.It seems that dou Hua has become rich and wants to make clothes for me by pulling a few feet of cloth. I persuaded him.”Four oil to add vinegar, said the old millet believe.Hold four oil’s hand and ask him to elaborate.At this time, the tables are round, open, Lao Jiu and his aunt came to toast one by one.Lao jiu is very happy today, hanging in his heart of a stone finally fell to the ground, the big stick this stubborn marriage he did not worry about, today can be said to be the dust settled, he no longer worry about this heart.Lao jiu’s wine is not finished, the stick hurriedly came, he seized the collar of four oil, MAO manic monkey urgently asked: “four oil, you see the bean flower?”Just 66 niang has four oil to see the beans spread the news of the whole wedding scene, also passed into the big stick in the ear.See big stick ask oneself, four oil have a little complacent, ungrateful ground say: “see, see in a drugstore doorway, she also cut a knife meat.She’s going to talk to me…”Four oil began to pian again, someone kicked him on the bottom, old nine is pointing at him, give him a look.Four oil understand the meaning of nine, busy changed mouth, said: “maybe I see a mistake, that aunt long a little bit like douhua.”Someone asked him: “To liuliu niang that knife meat?”Four oil said: “picked, picked.”The man asked, “What about the cloth?”Four oil hey hey hey laugh, no longer talk.