A woman was left dumbstruck when she returned a bracelet she bought for 600,000 yuan that didn’t match the picture

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Recently, netizens revealed that she was cheated after buying a 600,000 yuan jade bracelet from a star jade store in Foshan, Guangdong province on March 315.April 8, involved in the business to jimu news reporter said, and customers are still in communication, it is not possible to take legal channels.Ms Wu, a consumer, said she bought a jade bracelet in foshan star jade store, and paid 300,000 yuan each on March 14 and 15, a total of 600,000 yuan.The seller will send the bracelet by express delivery and promises to return it for a refund if it is not satisfied with the 48-hour appreciation period.Miss Wu did not expect to pay, found that the business has cancelled the industrial and commercial business license.When the jade bracelet arrived, she found that it did not match the picture, and her request for a refund was unsuccessful.She hopes relevant departments can help recover the amount of money that was cheated.To this, Beijing ying Ke (Xi ‘an) law firm Hu Long lawyer analysis, if the bracelet that the business place sells belongs to false product really or price is serious not equal, refuse to return money in appreciation period, and cancel business license, can identify illegal possession purpose apparent, suspected of constitute “crime of fraud”;If the business exists fictitious facts or conceals the truth of the situation, consumers can be sued to the people’s court, in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.On the afternoon of April 8, star jade store area pingzhou police station staff told jimu news reporters that they had received similar police situation, more for consumer disputes, if consumers feel cheated, can come to the police station to report on the spot.Can also be coordinated through market supervision departments, but also on the court to Sue for their rights.Jimu news reporters found that the star jade store was established in 2018, including jewelry retail business, closed on March 14 this year, but the left mobile phone number can still get through.Mr. Song, who answered the phone, said the 600,000-yuan bracelet was genuine jade, and the customer was not satisfied with the demand for a full refund, while he was only a middleman and needed to negotiate with the supplier.Under normal procedure, the customer would have returned the goods, and they would have refunded the money.As it turns out, they have already returned 200,000 yuan to the customer, and the customer has not sent back the bracelet.As for the cancellation of the store’s industrial and commercial business license, Mr. Song said that he submitted the materials in February and only approved it in March, not after selling the bracelet on the same day.It is understood that Ms Wu has been sued to the court on this matter, the case by “network shopping contract dispute”, the end of the month will be held.In this regard, Mr. Song said that the two sides are still negotiating, they are also preparing materials, preparing counterclaims.Source: Extreme News