Xiamen will see sunny days ahead as winter ends and spring begins

2022-07-03 0 By

Taiwan Network On February 26, xiamen Evening News reported that two days into March, Xiamen’s winter will be declared over, we will enter the spring.These days, the sun is already setting the atmosphere to welcome the arrival of Yangchun.The meteorological department expects that in the next seven days, the city will be dominated by fine weather, and the temperature will gradually rise, with the highest temperature between 20℃ and 23℃, and the lowest temperature will also rise significantly, rising to about 16℃.It was warm and comfortable throughout the day, with cold and wet weather a thing of the past.What needs to be reminded is that the weather has changed from wet and cold to sunny and warm, the public should pay more attention to replenish water.In recent days, there will be a small fluctuation in the weather.On March 2, due to a new round of cold air, the temperature will drop slightly. The highest temperature at noon will be around 19℃, but the temperature will rise the next day.(Wang Dongcheng Weishan)