Two examinees retest reverse attack ashore “double first-class” but suffered network violence?!The school responded

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Yesterday, a name called Chen Xin quietly boarded the hot search……The cause of the incident was that a post-graduate reexamination result announced that the student, who was studying for a master’s degree in oncology in Peking Union Medical College, was 60 points behind his opponent in the initial examination, so he succeeded in the reexamination with 90 points and obtained the only admission quota.But the initial test 390 points, seemingly has no suspense results, but fell.Some asked to find out who the father of the admitted student was. Others questioned how he managed to write an SCI paper when he only got 47 points in English in the first test, mocking him as “maybe he can’t even read his Own English paper”.Peking Union Medical College (Peking Union Medical College) on March 31, 2016, the graduate admissions office of Peking Union Medical College (Peking Union Medical College) issued a statement regarding the online Posting of “the 2022 master’s degree reexamination 331 will attack 390”.Chen is indeed not good at English, only 47 points in the test, and it is true that he is just an ordinary farmer’s child.However, he published SCI as the first author in university. According to his scientific research quality and ability, he was a top seed.The so-called black curtain in this event is that when someone was writing a paper in the lab, you were watching TV dramas, playing games and brushing micro blogs, and the result was attacked by someone else.Although the Peking Union Medical College postgraduate entrance examination so that the network spread a buzz, all kinds of views on the clamour.Many people for the first place pity, applaud for the second place, but from this can see, no matter what to do, must have a skill.One’s deceased father grind can get high marks, but during the undergraduate course to published for the first time the identity of the impact factor of 6.58 the examinee of SCI and two Peking University core is not much, in order to view, counter attack with 331 points, 390 points, is indeed a well-deserved, and first try first classmate, really lose also not avenged, and Beijing union medical college is enough to prove their innocence.Finally, I wish Chen a happy landing, and the students who were not admitted have a bright future. You are all excellent ones in the medical field.But small new want to remind 23 postgraduate students, undergraduate period to publish a paper is very not easy, the first test 60 points behind the second test reverse attack reverse situation is also a few, so the first test high score is very important!