Tian Jing on New Year’s Eve duty, Yao Wei first day to go to work, Qiqi Yuyue to Xu Min couple New Year’s greetings

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The wrong life case in the community caused continuous attention, Xu Min and his wife came to Zhumadian, and their son Yao Wei a reunion.Netizens are curious about the dynamics of Xu Min’s family during the Spring Festival. On New Year’s Eve, Xu’s mother, Yao’s father and his in-laws put up a glass together to celebrate the family reunion. We also see that Xu Yao Tian will always be a family.Tian Jing, a doctor, was on duty on New Year’s Eve and did not stay up with her family.After work on the first day of the New Year, she was in a hurry to get home. Yao wei had to go to work on the first day of the New Year.Tian Jing home, Yao dad has ready breakfast, Yao dad let Tian Jing eat first.Curiously, Tian Jing came to the stove. There was freshly stewed meat in the pressure cooker. She looked back at Yao Wei, who was eating a plate of meat with relish.Yao Wei did experience happiness after finding his biological parents.You see, the meal is cooked, the baby is taken, the couple just go to work in peace.Welcome the Year of the Tiger, of course, New Year’s Day without lucky money, which is the hope of children.Today’s children are like this, our childhood is also like this, this is the sense of ritual, is the Chinese nation inherited thousands of years of culture.Qiqi yueyue memory is really good, happy New Year to nurse xu min couple, said a long words: a wish grandpa’s grandmother happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea two ZhuLaoLao grandpa live as long as the southern mountain three wish everything goes well with mom and dad four wish uncle aunt good luck repeatedly five six wish I wish the teacher students divide into classes beyond himself go forward yao division soldier asked qiqi, is to give a red envelope, grandma or grandpa give a red envelope?Qiqi replied that he wanted grandpa to give him a red envelope.We found that educated children are different. Qiqi walked backwards after getting the red envelope from his grandfather.Nowadays, many people are used to transferring money by mobile phone. I always think that only face-to-face cash transfer can have the flavor of New Year and reflect the strong flavor of family love.As the old saying goes, a virtuous family must have a yuqing, which means that individuals and families who cultivate virtuous virtues must have more auspicious times.Xu Min couple in the first half of life to be abandoned by others sick children tired, exhausted anxiety, exhausted family wealth;The rest of his life with his own son also need to work hard, thousands of miles.Now their son and daughter-in-law do not bite the old, diligent and ambitious, and their grandchildren are smart and lovely, which is also a blessing for Xu min and his wife.Good parents, filial children;Busy parents work hard, children work hard, the world fireworks gas, the most touching people.Looking at tian Jing family busy figure, I hope they can enjoy this kind of dull happiness!(Picture from the Internet, deleted)