Promote the garbage classification supervision of shops along the street, baoshan Road street launched new measures

2022-07-03 0 By

People walking into some shops along baoshan Road street area found that in some shops, a new sign of garbage classification supervision has been added, which shows the four levels of garbage classification supervision, and is also equipped with the face picture of street mascot Xiao Bao.It is reported that this is a new attempt by the street market supervision, urban management law enforcement squadron, city transport center composed of street along the street shops garbage classification supervision publicity promotion group.In order to make the merchants cooperate with the work to the maximum extent, the street has carried out a lot of field visits, reconnaissance and preparatory work.In addition to the on-site publicity of garbage classification knowledge to stores within the jurisdiction, the promotion team also provided on-site guidance on garbage classification of stores and answered questions of merchants.It is reported that this “sign up” work will be completed in January, covering baoshan Road street district more than 1,000 shops along the street.The street side said that it hoped that through the garbage classification supervision publicity “sign up”, to play a full action, the role of national supervision.In the future, based on the unified management platform of one network, the street will combine the comprehensive promotion of door-to-door garbage classification, cleaning, joint publicity and regular inspection to ensure that the supervision work of garbage classification of shops along the street is promoted effectively and regularly, and improve the effectiveness of garbage classification and fine management level.Source: Jing ‘an, Shanghai