Friday football: a collection of nine games, all at once simple and rational

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Friday 001 German b: Schalke 04v Paderborn schalke 04 win.Schalke 04 are good at attacking and have scored 26 goals so far, the third most at home.Birderborn have won six away and drawn four, scoring 23 goals and conceding just 10, and are in top form at both ends of the pitch.Combined with winning and losing the main win low award, consistent to the home team was supportive attitude.Fri 002: Fortuna citade v Rotterdam Sparta Fortuna Tuna Citade are unbeaten.Fortuna Sitad are currently two points behind the safety zone and have a good chance of avoiding relegation if they can beat Sparta Rotterdam.Fortuna Sitad bounced back with wins over Helenveen and Groningen in the last two league rounds;Fortuna citade have been able to keep a clean sheet in the last two league games and the quality of their defence has improved greatly.Fri 003 – JCVS Graaf Sharp roda for round 27 of the second division.The home side are currently in eighth place on 43 points.The visitors are seventh on 45 points.The two sides are close in strength.The home team is in good condition with 3 wins and 3 draws in the last 6 rounds of league.Last 5 home 3 wins and 2 draws, home form.A good.The visiting team is in good condition with 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss in the last 6 rounds of league.Three wins and two draws in the last five away games.All things considered, the home team had a slight advantage.In the league b this season before the game, Rhoda JC away 3-0 defeat Grafxia.The two sides nearly 6 times of confrontation, Rhoda JC won 2 wins 1 draws 3 losses;In Rhoda JC’s home field, nearly 2 times, Rhoda JC made 1 tie 1 minus, in the downwind.Friday 004 Bundesliga: Mainz v Bayer Leverkusen are unbeaten.Mainz only won 1 game in the last four rounds of the league, with a winning rate of less than 20% in the last seven rounds.Bayer Leverkusen have won four games in a row and are currently sitting third in the league.Mainz have lost seven of their last eight meetings without winning.Fri 005 Championship: Bournemouth v Nottingham Forest bournemouth win.Bournemouth are second in the table and have a good chance of promotion.Bournemouth have a lot of experience against Norwich Forest in the last two years, unbeaten and winning two of their three meetings in a row.Bournemouth have the best defence in the league and have kept a clean sheet in nearly half of their matches.Fri 006 Serie A: Juventus v Torino Juventus win.Juventus, currently fourth in the table, have renewed hope of winning the title and are in a stronger fight.Juventus have had a good run against Torino in recent years, winning eight of their 10 meetings unbeaten.Juventus have one of the top three defenses in the league, with nearly half of their games going clean.Friday 007 Spanish: elche VS valle cano valle cano had recently all competitions three losses, including 1 goal than for more than 7, whether offensive or defensive, their performance is poor, coupled with the first team this season league 11 army just game 1 victory, this time at present home winning streak elche, valle cano hopeless to win.Fri 008 Ligue 1: Lille VS Mesrille win.Lille are 10th on 35 points and still have a chance to qualify for Europe.Mace has just one draw and two defeats in his last three games, two of them goalless, and has been inconsistent in attack.Some aspects of the bias is very clear, no doubt to Lille was in favor of the attitude.Boavista v Benfica, unbeaten, boavista are shaky at the back and prone to losing goals.Data on benfica support enough, the subsequent win on its prevention.Benfica have won and lost boa Vista ten times in their history and psychology has the upper hand.Thank you for watching. What do you think of these games?Also want to wish everybody to explode rice in advance come out!(Note: The paper is only a preliminary scheme, and the early change may affect the results. Please be cautious because it will be more stable on the spot.)The big five leagues play league games