Chaozhou: Strengthening regular prevention and control to ensure people’s health

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The recent COVID-19 situation is grim and complex.As retail pharmacies and residential communities are the basic units of urban management, how are the epidemic prevention and control measures being implemented?Yesterday, the reporter visited to understand.At the gate of tengrui Jinyu Lanan residential area, a Courier is cooperating with temperature measurement.Yesterday morning, the reporter found in the visit, the city ring west road a retail drugstore door put a table, to prevent customers without epidemic inspection will directly enter.Health code qr codes and epidemic prevention warnings are posted prominently at the entrance.People who want to buy medicines in stores must wear masks at all times, take temperature checks and show health codes outside stores.The shop staff told reporters that the drugstore space is narrow, in order to prevent cross infection, they will try to persuade customers to stay at the door not into the store, by the staff will be the customer needed to pass out drugs, and help customers to complete the payment at the door.In addition, for customers whose body temperature is ≥37.3℃ or whose health code is red or yellow, the shop assistant will guide them to go to a nearby hospital (fever clinic) instead of buying medicine in the drugstore and taking it by themselves.For customers who buy drugs in the List of Drugs to Be Registered and Reported with Real Name during Epidemic, the shop assistant will guide them to complete the inquiry and registration and verify their names, ID cards, contact numbers, addresses, travel history, symptoms and other information.When purchasing drugs on behalf of others, it is necessary to truthfully provide the information of actual drug users.After the visit, the reporter found that most retail pharmacies can strictly implement the epidemic prevention measures, almost every drugstore has posted or placed health code qr code and epidemic prevention warnings.Most pharmacies also offer masks free of charge to customers who do not carry them with them.Most customers actively cooperate with the pharmacies.In the interview, many citizens said, although now to drugstore to buy medicine, the process is more complicated than in the past, but they are very support drugstore practice.Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited some residential areas in our city to understand the implementation of its epidemic prevention measures.At the gate of the northwest gate of the Lanan Residential area of Tengrui Jinyu on the south West road in the urban area, the reporter saw that a signboard printed with “Epidemic control visit please register” was placed in a prominent position at the gate, and a two-dimensional code of health code was posted.”Hello, please show your health code, and cooperate with the temperature measurement and information registration.”A Courier wearing a mask was stopped by a security guard as he tried to deliver the package to the community.The Courier was able to enter the community after all kinds of quarantine checks had been carried out.In the city fu ‘an road rich park residential district gate, reporters saw, security room window placed a bottle of hand wash, health code two-dimensional code posted on the window and a printed “visitors register temperature disinfection” words of red paper.The district security personnel told reporters that recently, community staff have come to the district epidemic prevention work for guidance, all security personnel will actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention work.The reporter also visited other residential areas in the city and found that residential areas can actively implement epidemic prevention measures, but there are still individual residential areas where the epidemic prevention measures are not in place, for example, there is no health code qr code and epidemic prevention warning at the door, there is no temperature measurement or health code inspection of visitors.Chiapeng Zhan, reporter of Chaozhou Daily, stated: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: