In Celebration of Chinese New Year and Olympic Games, Brazil puts on spectacular light show

2022-07-02 0 By

Recife, Brazil, January 30 (Xinhua) — Brazil staged a light show to celebrate the New Year and welcome the Olympic Games.On Wednesday night, the night sky in Recife, a city in northeastern Brazil, was filled with music familiar to Chinese people.In the cheerful melody, the exterior walls of old houses in the city were turned into curtains, on which were projected red lanterns, the character “fu”, tiger heads and winter Olympics promotional films. A wonderful light show was staged at Zero point Square in Recife to celebrate the Winter Olympics.The light show is co-sponsored by the Chinese Consulate General in Recife and the Recife Municipal Government.He Yongwei, an official of the Consulate General, said that he hoped to share the joy of the New Year with the local people through the light show, and at the same time show the elements of the Beijing Winter Olympics to the local people, and welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics together with the Brazilian people.Zero point Square is very busy on weekends.As night falls, the background music of the square changes from the usual “fire” of northeast Brazil to the festive music of Chinese festivals, and the curtain walls of the square change into red and yellow colors. Then the pictures begin to change, from Chinese lanterns and the character “fu”, to Chinese people choosing New Year goods, to the scenery of the Beijing Winter Olympic Stadium, to surprise the citizens in the square.Lu Kungrong, president of the Overseas Chinese Association of Recife, sent for a lion dance team to add to the fun. The red and yellow lions danced to the beat of drums, and people gathered around the square immediately.After the lion dance, Lu gonggrong led the local Overseas Chinese to send New Year’s greetings, wishing the motherland more prosperity, peace and security, and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games a complete success.Giovanni de Oliveira, the designer of the light show, enthused: “It’s great to see that our campaign brings the people of Pakistan and China closer together.Recife is a sister city with Chengdu and Guangzhou. I believe people of our two countries will have a deeper understanding of each other in the future.”After watching the light show and lion dance, enthusiastic local people expressed their best wishes to the Chinese people when they learned that the Chinese New Year was coming.Citizen Anthony said, “I looked it up on my mobile phone and it turned out that Chinese New Year is determined by the moon.I wish the Chinese people happiness and prosperity!”Marcela said, “I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a success, and I also wish our Brazilian athletes a good result!””It is my great honor to host the Chinese New Year celebration in this city.As a city of tourism and leisure, the light show at night brings a festive atmosphere to the city and a glimpse of a better future.”Said Paula Depaola, the tourism director of Recife.