Chapter 007 Unheard of ii

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Chapter 007 Unheard of 2 don’t think these is finished, the baxi intelligence is far from exhausted, this guy is not physical strength live, and the decoration workers pull long short, every day the burgle eye as long as in the aim of their home, just know what decorate need, and then pull side plot, to house that you sell, I give you the lowest price.More than once the soldier saw Baxi take off his trousers and carefully put the money he had received into his underpants pocket.He told me, they’re anti-theft shorts. My mom sewed them for me.At this time the soldiers from a smile, has become a smile to bow and bow.It was amazing, and he had never seen anyone like it in his life.Oh, and memory recovery…I’d rather not. I’ve been working all day, sweating all day, not thinking about what’s in my head.But surprisingly, the soldier felt very good about this life, at least he seemed to feel that he had never been so happy, happy to see baxi deceiving people;See some owners more stupid than he is, happy;See eight happy pit merchants, also let merchants buy cigarettes for him, happy;Even often Chou Chou shuttle in the community of this group of migrant brothers, all a thief, how to let him see more happy.”Dinner!Bao Tang shouted at the top of his lungs. It was on time. It was dinner time when it was getting dark.Are shovel a pile of old brick soldier put the tile, it is fitter to pay the rest of the front of the closet, a cleaning can be a good brick to sell, a couple of blocks, looking up, eight xi a cigarette in alacrity came in through the back door, two with organizers after his ass overflow and overflow carried a few carpentry board, he send two people to walk, marched over the soldier, rub a throw at a distance, soldiers with hand caught,It’s a pack of filter-tipped cigarettes.”I don’t smoke. It’s bad for your health.”The soldier took it and handed it back to him.”You never smoked before?””Baxi asked curiously.”Don’t smoke, calcined every day, this bad hobby can not be good.”The soldier said, “What’s wrong with you?” When he was ready to go, he found baxi looking at him sluggishly.”You’re getting better.”Ba exclaimed with joy.”Is there?”The soldier didn’t understand.”You remember that you didn’t smoke before, and you’re not far from remembering who you are.I’ll smoke.”Baxi stuffed the cigarette into his pocket.When he tried to search for his memory of smoking, he was confused again. As before, his mind became blank. He didn’t even understand where the word “hobby” was in his head and how it popped out.”Remember what?”The baxi asked.The soldier shook his head in disappointment at the thought of nothing.”Oh, don’t be depressed, I will teach you how to think after dinner…By the way, come here, and don’t be seen…”Eight xi stealthy head, standing behind the brick.Soldier a look is really depressed, straight way: “you zha take off pants again, you all say you wear is anti-theft pants, can throw zha ground?””Don’t shout so people can hear you.”Eight xi du bursa sentence, low head, hand stretched in the crotch groped, a moment to re-fasten pants, a hand, a few pieces of twenty dollar bills passed over: “to, installed.””Ah?What do you mean?”The soldier started.”You pretend…Working like a fool without asking the price…Keep some for yourself quietly. When you go out, you can’t rely on your parents. This money is your father.”Baxi was very serious. He looked at the soldier’s leng and rebuked him, “Aren’t you really stupid?A day just say eat, money all don’t hide point?”Ba Xi is really conscience can not live, how much or give the soldier some small money.’It’s not that I don’t like money, you…The money you’re giving is too much.”The soldier took the money awkwardly.”What’s going on?Powder into the coffin, dead face, close, mix to what degree also want to leave their life saving money……Let’s go to dinner.”Eight xi rebuked the sentence, obviously or put him when the class training, a training stop, he carried his hands, like a proud duck, one arm one arm away.