The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, which spans three TV channels during the week, is as popular as anyone else’s with its performance of jasmine flowers

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Zhou Shen, the positive energy idol, made a brilliant performance on the stage of this year’s Spring Festival Gala, spanning three TV channels, bringing us a double feast of visual and auditory once again. In Beijing, zhou Shen played five parts.Become delicacies to deduce new song “you look very delicious” harvest the praise of so many audience on the second creation, also speaking, zhou deep does have a confused with Beijing predestination, is said to the Forbidden City before documentary soulful singing of “light” is a typical example, the second for the Beijing Olympics also contributed a lot of power,Not the kui is the image ambassador of the Beijing Olympics, is kokomo every performance stage, can bring us different feelings, it is interesting to note on the gala stage in Beijing, this year didn’t see the figure of Beijing firstly kid, that kid out of the stage of this year, actually otherwise, because the kid with deep idol weeks this year,They are not only the power singers in the Chinese music world, but also the famous “comedians”. The new musical variety song of the Meta-universe has aroused the expectations of the whole network audience before its premiere, so it is understandable that they appear on the same stage this time.Started performed a sitcom only weeks deep handsome man wearing a light blue denim jacket, got a huge telephone talking to kid, cute little face and it can be used to online expression of package, no matter what kind of shape control, can give a person the feeling that find everything new and fresh, the kid is with a pair of glasses, at first glance,Like a magician who speaks Shanghai dialect at one time and Beijing dialect at another, Zhou Responded to him with a direct response in Chongqing dialect, “Which one are you?Two people inadvertently pull full of comedy effect of the evening party, after the call, a play was officially opened idol Zhou Shen directly sing, the first sentence is a special sense of substitution, not like other flow singer, directly copy the original song, but on the basis of the original song, a great extent of innovation,To occur between two people, a series of stories are involved in the plot, particularly interesting, and side play, sing when two people stand with the box, much like a pair of twins, after all, two levels of appearance is very outstanding, then bring the repertoire is “opening the door” + “jasmine” carry out cute kid again, always he was singing,Weeks back to him when the dance, shows a strange two people happy feeling, the singing highlights one of the most brilliant kid also say week deeply, sing to “jasmine”, to deduce with cavity play, given the classic oldies different tastes, firmly grasp the audience’s attention, if you don’t look at the picture, it is hard to believe that this week is deep, their songsTwo different styles of music seamlessly, only trough point is too short, just listen to the audience, the whole song is over the whole added up to a total of only 2 minutes and 47 seconds, there is too short, and there’s a scene song “spring of light with” a total of 31 seconds, two songs together is just a song, the length of the brilliant stage effect,Week with deep MV exactly as if place oneself in the dream castle, high-energy, special effects done especially in place, there is no acosmia feeling, during the second half, really animals elephants, tiger and so on, all with deep in weeks behind, watch is very deep in addition to this week on the stage of the Spring Festival gala in jiangsu, deduced the snowflakes fall to lu Chen is the original singer of the song weeks deep himself,Published in 2020, a golden melody, the lyrics is not only beautiful but also depth, and music are by jiangsu stage is obvious than several other TV, looks like weeks deep personal concert, singing, as always, give prize, singing at the same time, the dance world champion Chen lu, stage effect is dramatic, particularly in weeks deep original conception,Beautiful white fairy tale, breathtaking, dream is to stage the Yang Hongji performance reach the heart then the May 4th edition of the dislocation space and time, looking at the stars, through the meet again in one hundred, looking forward to a brighter future, a poem than a classic, every word can sing slot into the hearts of the audience want to know, to the old artist Yang Hongji perform together,Not any singer has this kind of opportunity, the strength of the week is deep worthy Yang Hongji paragraph a different voice is in stark contrast, believe that most of the audience like me, deep attention from beginning to end in a week, of a man is not so much a gala show, this is a big concert, besides Yang Hongji deep with Joe, dozens of emerged in the old man,In a circle, as the two of them harmony, warm behind, is because of the four generations at sing a song to salute the time in every striver, positive after launch, the song “space-time dislocation climb out, week because of the deep is representative of the younger generation and the older generation of inheritance and hope, let a person deeply touched, can’t help but tears, to sum up, this year’s Spring Festival gala show,Zhou’s ring performance is the real hotspot, worth any age of the audience repeated aftertaste do not know what we have different views on Zhou’s Spring Festival Gala performance?Remember to pay attention, like, forward, one key three!