Jiangsu province reported 16 new locally confirmed cases and seven asymptomatic cases

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From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 16, there were 16 newly confirmed cases in Jiangsu province (all of which were reported by Suzhou city and treated in isolation in designated hospitals), and 7 new asymptomatic cases in Jiangsu province (6 cases in Suzhou city and 1 case in Wuxi city, all of which were under isolation in designated hospitals).Two asymptomatic cases (all imported) were released from medical observation.Currently, 45 confirmed cases, including 43 from mainland China and 2 from overseas, are under isolation in designated hospitals, and 22 asymptomatic cases, including 15 from mainland China and 7 from overseas, are under medical observation.Since January 22, 2020, a total of 1,675 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in The province, including 175 imported cases.As of 24:00 of February 16, there were 2 high-risk areas and 51 medium-risk areas in China: high risk areas (2) : Baise City, Guangxi (1) : Longyi Village, Fuji Village, Duan Township, Debao County.Huludao City, Liaoning Province (1) : Woling Village, Jiabiyan Town, Suizhong County.Medium risk areas (51) : Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province (5) : Building 4, Rongyushiji Community, Lamatai Community, Aihui District; Building B, Police Mingyuan Community, Wumiaotun Community; Building 9, Shui ‘an Sunshine Community, Xiangyang Community; Building 49, Medium House, Jinda Zhijia Community, Luyuanchun Community; Building 4, Zhilu Jiayuan Community, Wumiaotun Community.Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province (5) : No.4, Lane 14, Xiaxin Village, Luozheng Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, No.3 Building, Langxin South Road, Shiyan Street, No.94 baoshi South Road, 1F to 6F (including FLOORS 6A and M), Minghua Plaza, Xinyuan Road, Dongmen Street, Luohu District business District.Baise City, Guangxi (10) :Debao county Vienna international hotel (debao off square shop), all AnXiang fu ji tomiichi Jin Tun, all AnXiang slope that village MaiTun, town ShengXiang names village, town longsheng longsheng community community MengRong sheng two lane east 25, lotus city community vertical heights, east ling town, the limit of village tuen, respecting virtues town (3) are read hole village GuoTun, jingxi avenue street big city wu ping town village new CunTun tuen, get stick.Huludao City, Liaoning Province (1) : Shenghua Garden, Suizhong Town, Suizhong County.Suzhou, Jiangsu Province (29) :Building 41, Oasis Huating Community, Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Building 21, Changan Garden,Dushu lake wuzhong district guo lane street west Jin Yue issue 19 building garden, mudu town shen xiang village no. 47-69, shimao stone bay garden phase ii 273, 97 buildings erected tsinghua, Lu giant village the torso straight mayor ma Lou 172, the city dragon west saemaul undong que yuan (arrow) 40, Yin Shan lake view garden house three periods of 43, clear water bay garden 60, 53 building dike peninsula,Tianchen gusu district garden district 18, big w, no. 3 building, suzhou industrial park, east lake garden phase ii 22 big county building, 115 dongcheng county, oblique tong street, number 12 rings XiYuan 18 yuan building, jinxi 26 building, Beijing long living quarters, star – 49 house guest house, phoenix, star of tomorrow 1 building, lake city garden 16, 9, 118 Xia Jiaqiao house,Xiangcheng District suzhou Vanke Charm Garden building 3, Guandu Garden building 26, Hejingfenghui phase 8 building 12, Changshu Purple Crystal City building 5, 9 Central Europe Holiday Garden building.Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir City (1) : South District street, Manzhouli City.All the overseas regions (except Macau region with low risk) are still high risk areas.Source: Health Jiang Su editor: Zhang Huibin Recited: Sheng Tianwei audit: Yu Weiwei point a point