The Spanish cup says real Madrid, the bilbao cup Kings, can’t beat real Madrid?

2022-06-30 0 By

Athletic bilbao all win in the last two games, its status is obvious, for athletic bilbao, although the team performed poorly in the king’s cup home game, but the last home game to beat Barcelona or bring to the team’s morale greatly promoted, and want to know the infection will be coronavirus athletic bilbao captain almunia, it will be back,That is good news for Athletic Bilbao, who will be looking to make a difference against a side that have beaten them three times this season.The team returned to the league with a win over vallecano, ending their unbeaten run at home so far. Athletic Bilbao obviously put in a very good performance, but the slight disadvantage is that they were beaten by Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup.Real Madrid despite recent still unbeaten record, but whether one 8 final face elche or league against elche are a lot of troubles, and to know the real Madrid in the past the king cup away game, team beat all is a low level, it’s in benzema, marcelo and gutierrez, people can’t play,Real Madrid may not find it easy to win against vengeful opponents.However, the team has been playing a lot of matches recently. Three of the last four matches were tied. Obviously, playing for a week in a row has taken a lot of energy on the team.Although real Madrid have been good of late, the game was far from satisfactory and they faced athletic Bilbao with a poor squad, who had just knocked Barcelona out of the competition, and would have been hard pressed to win four games.Athletic Bilbao are expected to defend their home ground at least.