The SPEAKER of the US House of Representatives who is planning to visit Taiwan is COVID-19 positive

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Taiwan is a sacred and inalienable part of The Chinese territory.This is basic common sense.For example, Taiwan is like a bedroom in your home. You can go there whenever you want.Deal with it however you want. It’s up to you.And now, an outsider, despite your strong and determined objections, is clamoring to go into that bedroom…Who is the great fairy in the end, unexpectedly so bold and unreasonable, willful, arrogant?None other than Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi!Us House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will lead a delegation to Asia, arriving in Taiwan on Sunday to mark the 43rd anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act, according to reports.The DPP authorities are gearing up.On July 7, the Chinese Foreign Ministry held a timely press conference on this issue.’China firmly opposes any form of official exchanges between the U.S. and Taiwan,’ spokesman Zhao Lijian said.As an integral part of the US government, the US Congress should strictly abide by the One-China policy pursued by the US.If House Speaker Pelosi were to visit Taiwan, it would seriously violate the One-China principle and the provisions of the three China-Us joint communiques, seriously undermine China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, seriously undermine the political foundation of China-Us relations, and send a serious wrong signal to the “Taiwan independence” separatist forces.China is firmly opposed to this and has lodged solemn representations with the US side.The US side should abide by the One-China principle and the three China-Us joint communiques, immediately cancel Speaker Pelosi’s planned visit to Taiwan, stop official exchanges with Taiwan and take concrete actions to honor its commitment not to support “Taiwan independence”.If the US insists on going its own way, China will take firm and forceful measures to firmly safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the US side must be fully responsible for all the consequences.On the same day, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi also made clear China’s solemn position: As the international situation is increasingly volatile, the US has stressed respect for a country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity on the Ukraine issue, but trampled on the “one China” red line on the Taiwan issue. This is a naked double standard.If the SPEAKER of the Us House of Representatives, as a political leader of a country, knowingly visits Taiwan, it will be a malicious provocation against China’s sovereignty, gross interference in China’s internal affairs, and send an extremely dangerous political signal to the outside world.If the US insists on going its own way, China will surely make a firm response and the US will bear all the consequences.Whether spokesperson Zhao Lijian or Foreign Minister Wang Yi, their strong tone, tough words, firm attitude, clear target and serious consequences are all striking and illuminating.Can be exasperated is, the United States actually pretended to be deaf and dumb, do not take into account China’s strong and resolute protest, it seems that the decision has been made.For Pelosi’s trip, to avoid “protests, obstructions,” foreign and security officials “low-key.”This is really “stealing the bell”!Hum, you think you can “sneak” to Taiwan without knowing anything.This is really fantastic, crazy dream.Wake up and know that you are not gods, but men!Moreover, you are not going to a sovereign country that has its own say, but to a part of our country.To put it bluntly, you can visit Taiwan if you want, but you must apply to our government for approval.Otherwise, you’re breaking and entering.In official language, it was “a malicious provocation against China’s sovereignty and gross interference in China’s internal affairs”.China’s territory, you don’t say hello, want to come, who are you?What do you have and why?Who would be bold enough to break into a house in America?No one dared!By that reasoning, if you try to sneak into our country, do you dare?Isn’t this downright unreasonable and immoral?Leave the sutra!Against heaven and earth!To do such extreme, bad behavior, they should have taken our strong and resolute protest as a deaf ear, thinking that we can do nothing to stop their evil steps.Is it true?Don’t be too proud and happy too soon, because the one who controls you is coming!Who’s that?God bai!The Office of the House of Representatives released a news that Speaker Nancy Pelosi had tested positive for coronavirus and said she had not yet shown any symptoms.Apparently, Pelosi is an asymptomatic infected person.Even if she hasn’t had any symptoms yet, she’s been diagnosed — you’re a real CORONAVIRUS patient!Call you again arrogant, call you again arrogant, call you again domineering, call you again unreasonable, now, you have become a diagnosed patient, see you still dare to jump again?Don’t be so arrogant as to think that on earth, no one can control you.As the old saying goes: Man is doing, god is watching.Now, heaven is beyond endurance, beyond anger, and has sent a great virus to inject you, to make you sober and calm, lest you should know your majesty, lest you should behave in a wrong way, lest you should violate your morals again!Then came the good news: Ms. Pelosi’s spokesman said her trip to Asia had been postponed because she had tested positive for coronavirus.All right, all right, all right!Pelosi, your ascension to the speakership speaks volumes about your ability and knowledge, but I suppose you may, indeed must, have not read Mencius’s admonitions?Mencius had said in advance, ‘Those who gain the right way have much support, while those who lose the right way have little support.Few to help, relatives bank.More help, and the world will follow.”Clearly, Pelosi, the arrogant one, has put yourself in the wrong category.Little help is available to the wayward.That is to say, people who violate morality, few people can help him.This is not, even god can not look down, but also angry and condemned.An official of Ms. Pelosi’s rank is supposed to be perfectly protected and cared for by the people below, but in the end, the prize was won.Congratulations, Pelosi!Maybe some people don’t believe me, but let me ask you, why didn’t you catch the virus at this critical moment when you were about to visit Taiwan?Is it just a coincidence?But I think, no, not at all!See, this is what happens to the crooked. Isn’t it pathetic and ridiculous?People can not control, god will not stand idly by, or even assist in torture, will certainly give the wrongdoers, faithless and backbreaking punishment and lessons!Of course, like Pelosi, the United States has a lot of politicians running dogs, hate our country, hostile to our country, vilify our country, smear our country, our country, suppress our country…I want to tell you to pull back from the precipices before it’s too late, or pelosi’s today will be your tomorrow.Those who violate conscience, confound black and white, create something out of nothing, or even go against the grain will come to no good end!Understand, even if you can hide from others, but in any case can not hide from God!Whatever man does, God sees it clearly and remembers it!